What + What = What

Sierra Glow has made luminosity SG7 to work with and go along with Blue Flame.  Blue Flame is exceptional as it creates a tremendous bond between the layer of clear coat and the applied car coat, but more importantly for the car owner is it creates the Wet Look.  The Wet Look also helps make our Luminosity the best water repellent car coating yet.  I have reviewed hundreds of youtube videos demonstrating water sheeting…and I have yet to find one that is as good as  ours.

Check out our youtube videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwm5CdZlJot6rFJh_Xa976Q?view_as=subscriber

Hope you enjoy this short little, happy video….

Luminosity and Water Sheeting Explored

Luminosity (SG7) is the brand new car coating by Sierra Glow.  Luminosity is unique as it was engineered to work with our exclusive and exceptional Blue Flame technology.  Luminosity with Blue Flame creates the perfect conditions for water sheeting and the wet look.  These two aspirations are sought by all car detailers, but Sierra Glow has blown the lid on the competition.  This development, Luminosity, is extraordinary.

This video focuses and compares the hydrophobic properties of Luminosity and compares Luminosity to our SG 6. Very informative and educational…enjoy

Happiness Is….

We all know the feeling of sitting behind the wheel of a new car.  The smell, the excitement, the expectations….all that beauty.  With Sierra Glow, you can recreate that showroom car every time you wash the car.  You will have the best looking car in the parking lot…Wow.  Take a look at the signs of happiness…

Luminosity (SG7)

We don’t call our coating the generic and boring name “car coating.”  We have aptly named it for what our car coating does…shine.  The name for our 7th generation coating is LUMINOSITY.  A big name that really fits what our luminosity does.  Check out the video…

Blue Flame Contest

The contest Sierra Glow is hot.  But, the number 87,600 is not yet solved.  The question is how is this number connected to the announcement coming  from Sierra Glow.  This is a short video to give you a hint.  We will do more video hints, if we still don’t have a winner.  Come on…you can do this. Go to our facebook page to enter.


Contest: Win a Blue Flame Treatment

Watch this short video and think what is the connection to this important number to Sierra Glow’s coming announcement.  If you can guess the relationship of the number to our announcement…and you are the first one…you win a Blue Flame Treatment.  Free.  So put on your thinking cap…

Go to our Facebook page and click on the what’s app above…and enter your guess.  Enjoy


Black is Elegant and Classy

Black cars present their own unique challenges.  If they are clean and shiny, they look classy, elegant and even stunning.  There is nothing like a wet look black car.  But, the challenge is that black car show water marks, swirls and dirt easily.  If the clear coat is damaged with two much polishing, oxidation and dullness will be the result.  Black car’s clear coat needs to really be protected.

Sierra Glow has a lot of experience with black cars.  Many black car owners are very aware that their cars need sensitive and careful car.  They cannot be polished over and over again without serious damage…so these owners come to Sierra Glow to have our famous car coating applied.  The results are amazing.  Our car coating is thick and protective, and with our outstanding 5 year “no-nonsense” Warranty, our customers are assured that their car will look great for a long, long time.

If you have a black car, don’t play a fool.  Come into Sierra Glow soon to have your sensitive and delicate black paint protected.

Skin a Cat: How Sierra Glow works…

The American expression: “there are more than one way to skin a cat” is the title of this writing and video.  The video is a detailed description of the detailing work of Sierra Glow.  In particular, the video shows the processes and highlights the reason for each step.  Also, the reasons for and the sequence of using the exclusive Blue Flame Treatment.   This is a detailed look at our work, and is probably of interest to other car detailers and to potential Sierra Glow customers.

Our detailing work follows a standard SOP.  The variation is in The Blue Flame, as this is brand new technology and Sierra Glow has developed this exclusively.  Thousands of cars have enjoyed the benefits of Blue Flame, and the proof is that this technology and our business is rapidly expanding worldwide.  If you see the results, you will be sold on the benefits of Blue Flame.  Unfortunately, it is hard for the camera to capture this.

If you are a car detailer, you will notice that Sierra Glow follows the work of other

great car detailers.  In this we are not unique.  However, our use of Blue Flame will be a shock to most detailers.  Also, we use gear action orbital polishers.  While many use  (and all good detailers) use orbital polishers, our polishers by compact tools are unique.  They are lightweight and the gears slow the rotation down so that we can really “crash” the imperfections.  But, the beauty is that our gear action orbital polishers are twinned with the very best in compounds.  These compounds we make ourselves.  We can now completely finish buffing a car in 1/2 the time that most detailers consume.  Not only do we do it better than others, we do it in a shorter amount of time.

Finally, we are the manufacturer of the very best in car coating.  Nothing comes close to us.  We can prove this with documents as we have tested our car coating…at it is 98.5% pure.  No other car coating manufacturer achieves over 60% purity, and most are between a pitiful 20 – 40% purity level!  Why is this important?

Our car coating is thick, so only one layer needs to be applied.  So, we don’t push our customers to buy more and more layers.  Our prices, therefore, stay incredible low.  Second, because it is pure, there is really no drying time.  With 10 minutes after applying, our customers can drive away.  You heard me right…10 minutes.  This is the real advantage of the purity level we have achieved.  We don’t have any VOC, and we have no need for masks or drying lights and rooms.  Put on and drive away.

Also, because it is thick and pure, we apply by hand.  A small amount on a specially crafted sponge is enough to cover and area.  We can see it go on, and we can assure the car is covered professionally and expertly.  By hand (or by sponge) has the added effect that the car coating is gently pushed onto the car’s clear coat, so a strong bond is guaranteed.  Again, micro-pores are filled in.

Hopefully you like the video…feel free to comment.  Love to hear from you.