Car Detailing: Truth in Advertising

Minimise-the-Amount-of-Text-UsedI understand we are in a competitive environment.  And, in the car coating business, there is a lot of competition.  Almost everyday, we see new companies opening up their shop with big banners, auto mag ads and exhibitions/displays and flyers and even balloons.  It is huge what they are willing to commit.

At Sierra Glow, we don’t advertise in the traditional sense.  No gloss magazine ads for us.  We reject the traditional advertising as we know that the costs of advertising must (by definition) be passed on to the customers.  I think everyone understands this…if you advertise at RM 10,000 a month, then you need to collect RM 10,000 in revenue to pay for it.  Who pays for the advertising?  The

Sierra Glow is able to provide the very best in service and quality of product at incredibly low prices and we don’t pass on high advertising costs onto our customers…as we don’t have these advertising costs.

The second issue to understand is that there are tons of “false advertising.”  Car detailing and car coating companies seem to be in a league similar to second hand car dealers.   We all know the reputation of these car dealers.  “This car has never had an accident,” the dealer claims knowing that he just repair the front end.  We all know the stories.

Claiming that car coat can stop bullets is not beyond some of these car coating companies in their effort to get business.  Our message to you, the consumer, is to judge and evaluate the promises and claims.  My mother taught me, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t” holds a lot of water.  Claims of perfection just are too much, as perfection just doesn’t exist.maxresdefault

Advertising can be sexy and spell binding, but we are all consumers and it is a good idea to learn how advertising can distort and bend truth and information to get you to buy.  Watch this video and study the art of false advertising…as it is a fine art..and worth learning the tricks of the trade.