Blue Flame Technology is both old and new

Blue Flame Treatment by Sierra Glow is only a few years old.  This is new as we have adapted older paint coating technology (Blue Flame) and added glass primer silica to our supercharged Blue Flame.  We have produced short video to show you that the older Blue Flame is used by many companies who want their paint to shine. Take a look.

McLaren Gets Flamed

Some times we have really fantastic cars coming into for Sierra Glow.  Take a look at this baby…Wow!   But the amazing thing is that we were able to get this hot car to really shine…a true mirror finish, “better than show room.”  Just think about it, Sierra Glow can make your car paint shine in a way that is better than when you bought it.  And, now the paint is protected from all the crazy elements like bird poo, water marks, tree sap…and the car shine better than a brand new wax …every time you simple wash it.  Truly amazing.  Take a look.

Car Coating Layer Myth Debunked

If you are applying car coating on top of your clear coat, what are the benefits?  Maybe we should look atthis issue: are layers the best way to protect your car.  Will it stop a key or even your fingernails…actually, NO!  So, why do layers?


Car Coating: Not “if” but “when”??

It is only a matter of “when” you will have your car coated.  Why? The evidence is in, wax is lousy and does more damage than provides protection.  Wrapping your car is an option, but expensive and the vinyl can fade and scratch easily.  The best solution, agreed to by almost all car detailers, car enthusiasts and car professionals….is car coating.  Car coating is relatively inexpensive and can really protect your paint…for years!vintage-cars


Don’t buy a car and then wait for 60 years before you apply car coating.  Buy a car and bring it in immediately.  The soon the better.






Wait, and this could be the result.  It is best not to wait.  Showing you love your car starts with applying car coating.  Once the paint goes, an old wreck is not far behind.


Let’s review.  Car Coating means that you don’t have to wax or polish your car.  Wax and polishing cut into your paint’s delicate clear coat, and over time, you will have damage to your clear coat.  Take a look at older Malaysian cars…you will see swirls, dull finishes and the worse, oxidize paint.  This is the results of those choosing the wax option.  Good for awhile, but the shine goes and the damage is left behind.  Don’t wax.

Car coating is a better strategy.  Now a thin layer of protection is added on top of the clear coat and car paint.  This protects the delicate clear coat and therefore the paint.  Fading from strong UV rays isn’t now a problem.  Since you are protecting the clear coat, you now don’t need to polish and wax…you don’t damage the clear coat with polishing and waxing your car every few months.  In fact, now you save money as you only need to wash.  That’s right, no waxing.  Keep your money in you pocket or purse.

So, the question isn’t if should car coat, but when to do it?  The answer to this question is relatively simple.  Do it as soon as possible.  Every day that your car paint is “exposed” to the elements is another day of damage.  Every time to polish and wax your car, a little damage is done.  Waiting a year after buying your car to do your car coating is a year of damage to your paint.  Obviously, don’t wait.

Many car coating companies claim to restore your car to “show room” condition.  At Sierra Glow, we simply aren’t impressed with “show room” condition.  We can do better than that.  When we see a new car straight from the showroom, we see a lot of imperfections and issues.  Swirls and fine micro scratches are abundant…as the car has been hurriedly washed and buffed with an inferior buffer…leaving “show room” condition with problems. At Sierra Glow, we want to always achieve “better than show room” condition.

Better than show room is one reason (and there are many more) you should select us.






Proof, Blue Flame is the Best

At Sierra Glow we love to tinker.  Putting together experiments that show customers why they should use Blue Flame is one of our greatest joys.  Although most customers just take a look at the finished product (a friend’s car), and they are sold on the rewards for choosing Blue Flame.  But, playing with videos is fun for us.

This is an experiment put together by our mischievous team in Johor Bahru.  You will be more than amazed.  It is a short video, enjoy.

This short video explains why we are now coating so many wrapped cars.  Because if you simply apply car coating on top of the wrap, it will not bind with the wrap.  But after Blue Flame, even a wrapped car can hold the car coating….and this will allow water sheeting and reduce water marks.  Water marks are a big problem for all cars but especially wrapped cars…With Blue Flame, water easily runs off …., but the water won’t roll off until the car is properly coated.

Awesomeness at Sierra Glow.

We call it “mirror sharp reflection.”

Although both of these car are clearly “mirror sharp reflection” this is truly the real thing.  Our use of the term “mirror sharp reflection” is an accurate description of the effect that Sierra Glow creates with our car coating technique.  We buff the car paint with special compounds and our unique gear action orbital polishers….until we succeed in reaching our standard (“mirror sharp reflection”).

To achieve the Sierra Glow standards, more than equipment and polishing/buffing compounds are important.  Although you must have great compounds and specific compounds for the job at hand, the tools of our trade has to be put into professional hands.  The job of restoring car paint is highly skilled, and the art of restoring takes years to develop and hone.  Sierra Glow has the most skilled car paint restoration professionals in Malaysia.mirror-light

When we look at our work, and more importantly, when our
customers look at their newly coated car, they see it as perfect.  The standard of “mirror sharp reflection” achieved is 10.  When a car is a 8 or a 9, it is not mirror sharp.

One of the main reasons we highlight our work on our facebook pages is we want our customers to see their cars with the standard “mirror sharp reflection.”

Is it as good as a real, highly polished mirror.  The best answer to this is not Yes or No, but our mirror sharp reflection is different than a real mirror.  The colour of the paint on your car is usually not silver (as in the above cars), but rather black, red, white, green, blue or whatever.  These colours obviously don’t reflect like silver does in a mirror, but our mirror sharp reflection really is sharp.





TOC and Sierra Glow: Yes!

The Automotive College, TOC teaches young people how to maintain and service cars.  TOC has in 12 years earned 67 “excellence” awards, educated over 3 thousand students and have partnered with 11 universities.  Sierra Glow has partnered with them and are helping them design new courses on car paint protection.

TOC recognizes our leadership and technical expertise in car paint protection.  We are happy to work with this college and enjoy immensely working with their students. Learn more about TOC by visiting their website.

Several months ago with put up an “educational wall” at TOC. Take a look:

Visitors to our workshop centres in Penang, USJ or Johor Bahru will see similar educational walls as we like to really inform our customers on our unique processes, chemicals and standards.  As our chemicals (shampoo, polishing compounds, car coating and Blue Flame Technology) are from Japan….we want to explain how we actually do the work.  We want also to show the amazing tools (gear action orbital polishers, Blue Flame Calibrator) we use.  Come and Take a look.