Car Coating Layer Myth Debunked

If you are applying car coating on top of your clear coat, what are the benefits?  Maybe we should look atthis issue: are layers the best way to protect your car.  Will it stop a key or even your fingernails…actually, NO!  So, why do layers?




Achieving a “mirror” finish before applying the car coating is the goal of every competent and professional car detailer.  However, few achieve   it.  The reason isn’t difficult to understand as in any trade craft, there are two requirements:  the best tools and great technique.  SierraGlow has both.  Our sifu car detailers have years of experience learning their craft.  With that, SierraGlow has a total of 6 different polishing compounds to chose.  We have so many so we can correct “crash” the car paint blemish issues.

If your paint is hard, we have a special compound for that.  If your paint is soft, we have the compound.  If you have a lot of light swirls, we have the compound.  If you have some deep watermarks, no problem.  Compounds are a key to achieving the mirror finish.  But, our compounds work best when we use Compact Tools Dual Action Orbital Buffers.  These light and sturdy machines are a dream come true for a professional car detailer.  They spin in an orbit, and they spin SLOWLY.  No extra heat to disturb your paint.  Watch the video to see the results.



Swirls: Extremely Dangerous


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Swirls are death to your car paint.  They compromise your paint are are extremely insidious.  Just like torturers know, a thousand cuts will lead to a very painful death…swirls are sharp, light cuts into the car’s clear coat.  Over time more accumulate and they become deeper.   Eventually they reach past the clear coat and into the soft car paint.  This is when total compromise is reached and your car paint will start to bleed.


Most of the possible defects that can become serious start small.  Once a small defect start, the blemish becomes deeper and wider from contaminants and the elements.  Water goes into the grove and stays…but the water has pollutants and chemicals that continue to do damage.  Again, small cuts can hurt.

So, in the image on your left each mark whether from paint scratch or a stain is a blemish that will become worse unless corrected.

What causes swirls?  (1) The most common cause is a dirty cloth and you wipe your car with it.  Yep!  Pretty basic.  Take your car to a car wash in Malaysia and watch the boys wash it.  Do they use two buckets…one with clean, non soapy water to clean the cloth?  Do they even rinse their cloth as they attack your car.  So, a little piece, a fleck, of grit or dirt is picked up in the cloth (your car is dirty, grimey right?) and then this grit is held by the cloth and the washer continues to swirl and wash the suds into the paint.  He will leave swirls in this process.

Personally I gave up washing my car in any car wash establishment years ago.  All I ever got was a clean car with many complimentary swirls.  So, no such wash places for my car. But, if you have to use these places, expect swirls.  Although you can mitigate them…when you leave your car, speak politely to the manager.  Explain to him that you really hate swirls, and you would be very unhappy to return and see new swirls on your car.  This can help and it certainly won’t hurt.  And, when you return to pick up your shiny car…check.

  1. Another swirl creating event is “polishing.”  When buffers are used by inexperienced polishers, problem mount.  For example, if the polisher is not an orbital polisher, and operated at high speeds you car will have two effects: swirls and aurora.  If the compounds used are harsh, you will have both of these effects as well.  That is why we use 6 different polishing compounds at Sierra Glow.  Harsh compounds or gritty compounds are cheap compounds and should not EVER be used.  However, we see them everywhere at car polishing/waxing shops.  They create swirls.

What is an Aurora?  You might remember this word from your earth science classes.  Take a look.

On a car, we can have this same effect when a buffer is in inexperienced hands.  We call it aurora or hologram.  Take a look.

What a mess.  When the sun shines on this car, you don’t have a shine, you have a mess. And worse, in the process of creating the holograms, the idiot is creating swirls as well. At Sierra Glow we face taking care of the aurora cars far too often.  The owners are angry, and have no clue how this mess was created.  When we inform them that these holograms came from the polishing/waxing job, they are amazed.  And, getting rid of them is not the most difficult tasks for us, but we need to re do the buff in the proper way…gear action, orbital polishers with a non – abrasive compound will clear them up.

Holograms, aurora and swirls are not what you want on your clear coat.  They can be prevented if you have your car washed carefully and with clean cloths.  You can prevent swirls if you don’t wax/polish.  The best solution to all of this is a good car coat, as this protects your clear coat AND your car shines with just a simple wash (with clean microfibre).

The point here is to really remember that swirls are dangerous as they are the slow, but steady nicks in your clear coat that opens the path to danger, extreme danger.


Car Coating: Not “if” but “when”??

It is only a matter of “when” you will have your car coated.  Why? The evidence is in, wax is lousy and does more damage than provides protection.  Wrapping your car is an option, but expensive and the vinyl can fade and scratch easily.  The best solution, agreed to by almost all car detailers, car enthusiasts and car professionals….is car coating.  Car coating is relatively inexpensive and can really protect your paint…for years!vintage-cars


Don’t buy a car and then wait for 60 years before you apply car coating.  Buy a car and bring it in immediately.  The soon the better.






Wait, and this could be the result.  It is best not to wait.  Showing you love your car starts with applying car coating.  Once the paint goes, an old wreck is not far behind.


Let’s review.  Car Coating means that you don’t have to wax or polish your car.  Wax and polishing cut into your paint’s delicate clear coat, and over time, you will have damage to your clear coat.  Take a look at older Malaysian cars…you will see swirls, dull finishes and the worse, oxidize paint.  This is the results of those choosing the wax option.  Good for awhile, but the shine goes and the damage is left behind.  Don’t wax.

Car coating is a better strategy.  Now a thin layer of protection is added on top of the clear coat and car paint.  This protects the delicate clear coat and therefore the paint.  Fading from strong UV rays isn’t now a problem.  Since you are protecting the clear coat, you now don’t need to polish and wax…you don’t damage the clear coat with polishing and waxing your car every few months.  In fact, now you save money as you only need to wash.  That’s right, no waxing.  Keep your money in you pocket or purse.

So, the question isn’t if should car coat, but when to do it?  The answer to this question is relatively simple.  Do it as soon as possible.  Every day that your car paint is “exposed” to the elements is another day of damage.  Every time to polish and wax your car, a little damage is done.  Waiting a year after buying your car to do your car coating is a year of damage to your paint.  Obviously, don’t wait.

Many car coating companies claim to restore your car to “show room” condition.  At Sierra Glow, we simply aren’t impressed with “show room” condition.  We can do better than that.  When we see a new car straight from the showroom, we see a lot of imperfections and issues.  Swirls and fine micro scratches are abundant…as the car has been hurriedly washed and buffed with an inferior buffer…leaving “show room” condition with problems. At Sierra Glow, we want to always achieve “better than show room” condition.

Better than show room is one reason (and there are many more) you should select us.






Proof, Blue Flame is the Best

At Sierra Glow we love to tinker.  Putting together experiments that show customers why they should use Blue Flame is one of our greatest joys.  Although most customers just take a look at the finished product (a friend’s car), and they are sold on the rewards for choosing Blue Flame.  But, playing with videos is fun for us.

This is an experiment put together by our mischievous team in Johor Bahru.  You will be more than amazed.  It is a short video, enjoy.

This short video explains why we are now coating so many wrapped cars.  Because if you simply apply car coating on top of the wrap, it will not bind with the wrap.  But after Blue Flame, even a wrapped car can hold the car coating….and this will allow water sheeting and reduce water marks.  Water marks are a big problem for all cars but especially wrapped cars…With Blue Flame, water easily runs off …., but the water won’t roll off until the car is properly coated.

Awesomeness at Sierra Glow.