TOC and Sierra Glow: Yes!

The Automotive College, TOC teaches young people how to maintain and service cars.  TOC has in 12 years earned 67 “excellence” awards, educated over 3 thousand students and have partnered with 11 universities.  Sierra Glow has partnered with them and are helping them design new courses on car paint protection.

TOC recognizes our leadership and technical expertise in car paint protection.  We are happy to work with this college and enjoy immensely working with their students. Learn more about TOC by visiting their website.

Several months ago with put up an “educational wall” at TOC. Take a look:

Visitors to our workshop centres in Penang, USJ or Johor Bahru will see similar educational walls as we like to really inform our customers on our unique processes, chemicals and standards.  As our chemicals (shampoo, polishing compounds, car coating and Blue Flame Technology) are from Japan….we want to explain how we actually do the work.  We want also to show the amazing tools (gear action orbital polishers, Blue Flame Calibrator) we use.  Come and Take a look.


Twin Enemies: Grit and Grime

Your car shine is attacked by our rough and tough environment every day.  The assault on our skin, buildings, bridges and cars is a daily event.  Add in UV rays, acid rain, bird poo, tree sap and we have a real cocktail of potential disaster to your car shine.  Putting this all together, all the elements, we can boil these multiple of trouble into grit and grime.  Grit is abrasive and grime is oily….and they stick to your car paint, your clear coat in a thin layer of sooty mess.
The problem with grit and grime is that they stick to your car and just rinsing your car with water is essential to start to get the grit and grime off.  Soap is the best solution to it, but this is when we have to be very careful as how and when we wash can radically effect the outcome either in a positive or negative way.
Understanding the difference is important to the outcomes of your wash.
dirt ingrained on the surface of something, especially clothing, a building, or the skin.
dirt, soot, or other filthy matter, especially adhering to or embedded in a surface.  Think oily and sooty.



abrasive1 (1) particles or granules, as of sand or other small, coarse impurities found in the air, food, water, etc.

Think small, sharp, hard, chunky and sandy.


Because of grit and grime that sits on your car surface, one has to really consider how to properly wash your car.  If you just spray on some water and start scrubbing without clearing the grit first….the embedded grit, you will find yourself creating microscopic to visible swirl or marks.  All of these scratches damage your clear coat, but the deeper ones or visible ones are more damaging than the microscopic scratches. All scratches, over time become more serious.  A small scratch now becomes a collection point for the grit and grime that will start attacking your car the day after you finish washing it.

Take a look at the small swirls caused by not clearing the grit from the car BEFORE washing and rubbing with a cloth or sponge (better to use microfibre).

348sThe error is leaving on the grit while you wash of the grime.  Grit has to be cleared.  Before you start moving your soap and water filled microfibre over the car ….please clear the grit from your car. One of the best ways to determine if your car is ready to be washed…that is, you have rinsed off the grit, is to use your hand to softly feel your paint.  When using your wet hand on your wet and rinsed car, your hand should feel “the grit.”  If it does, you have not soaked and rinsed the car surface enough…do it some more until your wet hand feels a relatively smooth car surface.

Another important issue when washing your car…use two buckets.  One for soap and one to really rinse your cloth.  This is really important as your cloth will pick up embedded grime…and this could damage/scratch your car.  To prevent this…rinse your cloth often.

Another tip (an essential washing strategy) wash from top to bottom.  The sides of your car have a lot more grime and grit on it then the top.  If you wash bottom to top, your cloth will carry the grime and grit to the top and your car will suffer from scratch damages. So, never do this.

Check out these articles on our website to learn more about washing…

Washing Your Car

Car Coating Maintenance: Microfiber







Malaysia: We got your back

Ok, we get it.  You have a great car.  You have entrusted your great car to Sierra Glow to bring out a razor sharp, mirror finish and a car coating that we warranty for 5 full years.  You could have chosen XX  car coating company. Heck, you could still be waxing/polishing your car.  You could have decided to do nothing except wash it.  You could have chosen a paint sealant company or even Paint Protection Film.  We understand you had options, but you chose Sierra Glow. Thank you for making the best decision.

Maybe you chose us because we were really the first in the market to offer “inorganic” car coating services in Malaysia.  Maybe you liked our story…starting in USJ in 2007 before anyone knew much about car coating and growing to Malaysia’s No. 1 car coating company. Because we are actually the manufacturer of our Japanese products (car coating, Blue Flame and all the great polishing compounds), we offer our products and services at unbelievable prices as we have no franchise fees, dealership incentives, representatives, importers or wholesalers or any other levels to push up our prices.  No one can offer the quality of products and services at our prices, NOBODY!  We are the only Malaysian company with Blue Flame Treatment Program.

As I have written in other posting (read this), our prices are actually less than waxing and polishing your car…and you prevent the oxidation, swirls and scars that are the direct results of polishing and using wax, year after year.

Whatever your reason for choosing Sierra Glow, we want to thank you.  Sierraimages Glow not only recognizes that you have choices, but also we want you to know that we must  make sure that our service is better than all others.

We know that you want your car look great, and even though there can develop issues along the way, just bring it back in.  We love to see our work, and we really love to take car of your car paint issues.  So many people get a little ding and bring their car back to us…surprise when we touch it up without charge.  We don’t really like to let people know that we do this for free because we just love the look on their face.  They are simply not used to this level of service.  But, actually at Sierra Glow, we are famous for it.  Ask around.

We take care of your car as if it is our car.

We want you to enjoy the look and the shine, and we stand by our commitment to protect your car paint from the elements for 5 whole years.  If you are not happy, please bring in your car so we can assess it and help it.  We like to tell people if you are unhappy with us, tell us.  If you are happy with Sierra Glow, tell others.

You know we really don’t advertise our products and services.  You won’t hear our name on the radio or read it in glossy magazine advertisements.  We don’t want to pass that costs on to you.  What we do want to pass on to you is great products and services that you can trust.  Bring your car in to our JB, Penang or USB branch…and let us do our work.  We take great pride in making your car shine….and shine….and shine.

Car Coating: Your Diamond in the Rough

Many car owners downloaddon’t seem to understand car coating and protecting your car paint.  They often look at their new car and think, “wow, looks great.”  But really your new car is a “diamond in the rough.”  The potential has to be unleashed.

Lurking around the corner and unknown (and unseen) to most new car owners is the fact is that your car does shine, but it isn’t a “sharp, mirror finish.”  At Sierra Glow we take your new or old car and unleash the potential.  Every car has the potential “to be all it can be.”  But, the potential is best released with Sierra Glow.

IMG_8558We could cover our car in mirrors to achieve the “sharp, mirror finish.”  But, like Mercedes picture here, a little expensive.

Actually there are vast differences in car paint.  Some car manufacturers use a softer paint while other use harder paint.  Some use more, thicker or better quality clear coat than others. Even though there are big differences from the car manufacturers, only the hand made cars would you find the car paint actually “DETAILED.”  Car detailing, buffing and polishing the new paint just doesn’t happen in the cars the normal person buys.  Yeah, if you got a million US dollars, you can buy a car with the “sharp, mirror finish.”

Want a million US dollar finish?  Call Sierra Glow.  This is what we do, unleashing the shine potential.  Take a look and this baby…

Car makers don’t have the time, money or inclination to sell cars with a “sharp, mirror finish.”  Car sellers can put a layer of wax and cover up some imperfections AND make the car have a reasonable shine.  But, they will not create a “sharp, mirror finish.”  So, the car you buy will have imperfections, some paint waves, a lot of porous holes, clear coat blemishes, uneven paint
thickness, rough edges and more.  These are serious blemishes and imperfections that need to be taken care of.

Blemishes lead to more serious problems down the road.  Take watermarks.  Watermarks are serious and  appear frequently.   Watermarks are more serious and more frequent if you have uneven paint or not smooth paint.  All new cars have uneven paint and not smooth paint.  Just take your fingers and rub them down your car.  A Sierra Glow buffed car will feel smooth and silky, while new cars actually feel rough.

The whole point is that to bring out the shine, the sharp mirror finish, you need to have your car paint DETAILED.  And, the best at this is Sierra Glow.  Bring out the potential of your car..Look.





Car Coating Maintenance: Microfiber

After car coating, you will need to wash off the dust and grime to make it shine, SHINE. Want your car clean?  First, get into microfiber.  Throw away the old t-shirt cleaning rag.  Throw away your sponge.  Throw away the cotton towel.  These are not to be used in the 21st century.  Use them, and you are telling the world  you are “too cheap” or you are “too clueless.”  Sorry to say it so “in your face.”  But throw these old fashioned cleaning cloths
away, and go microfiber. Go Modern: Microfiber.microfiber1

Microfiber products are absolutely essential to high quality detailing for both the interior and exterior of any vehicle. Microfiber towels, applicators, wash mitts and pads are used in virtually every area of detailing. You should use microfiber pold 2roducts to clean the paint, leather, wheels, glass, interior and so much more. The uses are literally endless so you can never have enough top quality microfiber products. If the shop that washes your car
using the sponge or the old rag, stop going to them.  They are only causing damage.

Investing in quality microfiber and caring for them will greatly increase your results while saving you time and money in the long run. The life of your microfiber products will vary based on the quality of the towel and how well you care for them.old 3 Not all microfiber towels are created equal so low quality towels may feel nice at first but they often break down rapidly with just a few washes.

cloths-Microfiber is made up of a unique blend of materials with an innovative weave and fiber designs made of ultra fine synthetic yarn. The synthetic yarn is usually comprised of 70% – 80% polyester with 20% – 30% polyamide depending on the specific towel. Each strand is approximately 0.2 denier, which is equivalent to 1/20th of a strand of silk or 1/100th of a human hair. The cross section of a microfiber strand resembles an asterisk (*), which allows them to collect and trap particles whereas traditional towels push particles around or temporarily collect them. On dry surfaces the microfiber towels use electrostatic energy to easily lift and collect large amounts of dust, dirt and other particles in to the micro-wedges of each fiber.

Microfiber Care

All microfiber is not the same. We recommend you maintain 3 groups of towels, storing them in separate containers. The first  is the  new towels that you use on the most sensitive surfaces such as the exterior paint, gauges, navigation screens. The second group are towels still in great condition but may be a bit worn, which we use for interior cleanings, glass care, leather treatments, etc. All other towels in the third group may have visible stains and be noticeably worn down. Use these towels for your dirty jobs like cleaning the exhaust tips, engine bay detailing, door jambs, etc.

When you receive your towels you should wash them just to ensure they are clean and free from any contaminants they may have come in contact with while in transit. Before washing any microfiber make sure you have removed any stickers or labels that come on some new microfiber towels. Never wash microfiber towels with any other fabrics as the microfiber towels will collect the lint, which can greatly reduce the effectiveness of any microfiber product. Microfiber is virtually free of lint so you can wash them with other microfiber products only. Do not use any detergent with fabric softener or bleach in it. Using fabric softener will deposit a coating on the microfiber strands that clogs the pores, which reduces absorbency, cleaning ability and can lead to streaking.. If you are looking for additional cleaning power you can add one teaspoon per towel of distilled white vinegar.

When you are done washing the towels you can air dry them to be extra cautious, however many detailers need the help of a dryer due to time constraints which is old 5fine. Do not use any dryer sheets and make sure you have cleaned the lint filter and removed any other lint particles. Again the microfiber towels will collect lint from other fabrics so do not dry it with other fabrics.  Excessive  heat can harm the long term health of the towel.

Summary (Dos and Don’ts)

  • Always remove any tags on microfiber products to minimize the risk of marring the paint
  • Always wash new microfiber towels prior to using them for the first time
  • Never use fabric softener when washing or drying your towels
  • Group your towels together, such as paint safe towels, wheel and tire towels, interior towels, etc.
  • Adding distilled white vinegar to your rinse cycle can help further clean your microfiber
  • If your towels lose their absorbency, try boiling them to dissolve product and reopen the pores
  • Always wash your microfiber with microfiber, avoid mixing them with other fabrics

Car Coating is Sierra Glow

It is amazing how a name defines it all.  It reminds me of the old Johnny Cash song named a “Boy named Sue.”  The song depicted the idea that if you named a boy a “girl’s name” then he would grow up to be tough out of necessity.”  Not sure it has a validity, but the word is filled with advertising companies trying desperately to “brand” a name into everyone’s consciousness so the name or concept sticks. These advertising executives are paid handsomely to puff up the products, and sell you on the idea that their qualities are the best.  If you oversell, so goes the advertising theory, you sell.

In the car coating business there is tremendous confusion as to what it is we do to your car.  Because of the various names different car coating companies use to describe their coating, confusion is heaped on top of confusion.  At Sierra Glow, we call what we do “car coating.”  It is simple and, we hope, our customers and potential customers are not confused.  We simply put a coating on top of your car paint that helps protect your clear coat, your paint and your car value, and our car coat makes your car shine (and, no more waxing, ever!)

Some car coating companies call their coating “glass coating.”   This is understandable as the coating is like a thin layer of glass that sits on top of your car paint.  It is a fairly good description, but at Sierra Glow we stopped using this “glass coating” as it bring confusion to the marketplace.  Because a lot of car detailers and car accessory shops sell glass coating for the windscreen, you can see where the term “glass coating” can bring confusion.  Sierra Glow just says car coating as it is the clearest and most straight forward term that describes our work.

Is glass coating a coating on glass as shown belowglass coating





Or is it a coating for the paint as shown here: nano-3-big




Many other car detailers have gone over the top in their attempt to be big-bad-wolf-huffing-and-puffingcreate the impression that their chemical formula is superior.  We understand why they would want to do this and we don’t criticize.  We have just chosen a different, more simple way to describe our work.  We let our work speak for itself.  We don’t huff and puff.

All car coating is nano or nano-technology, so we don’t feel we have to say this.  While some car coating companies talk about diamonds, titanium, quartz, gloss and many other verbal descriptions, at Sierra Glow we opt for the straight, direct approach to our work.  We coat the car’s paint.  We provide a 5 year warranty, and be give all the technical support you need, so your car will shine and shine and shine.


Our Trade Secret…Buffing

Those thattrade secret1 in the know, know that Sierraglow’s finishing work is superior.  This is not bloated hyperbole and silly boasting, this comes from just looking at our finished product.  The shine is  deep and rich.  How did we do this?  Our competitors wrongly think that our car coating (now SG5) is just so fantastic.  While SG-5 is fantastic and stunning, our car coating secret doesn’t ONLY come from this.

Sierraglow spends a lot of time on completing a car as a great shine requires massaging the clear coat and car paint to gemassaget it to shine.  In this regards, we have a secret, a trade secret…no actually 6 secrets.  We have different polishing compounds for the various paints and the degree of massage required.  An older car with lots of swirls require a different compounds than a new car with soft paint.  Simple calculations…but we actually have the different compounds required for each specific car paint shine requirement.

Yes, the tools are important.  Soft synthetic lambs wool or quality sponge buffers put on to a dual action buffer.  The gear action polisher is incredibly important as this is the ONLY machine you should use to buff/polish car paint.  The gear action is like a gentle massage of the clear coat, and the gentle circular motion allows for only a thin layer of the clear coat to get the buff.  Hence, great shine.

The polish compound is also incredibly important.  This is our trade secret, but we do let our customers feel the liquid polish so they can understand why we use Compound A or Compound B on their car.  We are transparent about that, but we keep our exact formula away from prying eyes.clear coat 1

Watch the video of our Sifu, Mr. Sato, brings this black car back to life.  Amazing stuff.  An look how fast he complete restores this square on the bonnet…That is why he is not only the inventor of the compounds, a true sifu!

Why Sierraglow?

SG singapore photo cars n logoA lot of car detailing companies will toot their horn as “the best of the best.”  At Sierraglow, we aren’t any different in our attempt to give multiple reasons why you should chose us.  We could say,  we were one of the first, we started our business in 2007, we have applied our car coating on over 10,000 cars, etc.   Our accomplishments since opening at long, detailed and impressive.  Take a look:

choose us                                                glassglow_tag

  1. We are the inventor and manufacturer of our products. (Hence, no middlemen, distributors or wholesalers)
  2. We are the only car coating business in Malaysia with Blue Flame.
  3. We were the first to offer the 5 year guarantee.
  4. We are famous for our after care service. (check the car forums).
  5. We really teach you how to take care of your car after treatment.
  6. We tell you the truth about our car coating (“nothing protects from stone chips”).
  7. We are constantly upgrading and improving car coating products.
  8. We use exclusively Japanese products. (polishers, polish, applicators, coating, clay bars, etc.)
  9. We take the time (and energy) to REALLY prepare your car paint surface before car coating.
  10. We are not side tracked with 10 different business, we specialize exclusively on car coat shine!.

Many car coating companies promise the moon.  They claim they have 8 layers or their coating is 9H or 12 H….Sorry, you won’t find Sierraglow doing this.  We promise you exceptional shine, a 5 year guarantee on that shine, and great after care service.  Check the forums, our reputations actually SAYS IT ALL!

Blue Flame Treatment

Sierraglow specialises in glass coating.  This is our focus, that is, to protect your car paint from the ravages of superhot tropics of Malaysian weather and harsh environment and to create the car paint conditions that it will shine.  No one does it better.  Now with our exclusively Blue Flame Treatment, we provide even greater protection and a fantastic wet look shine.

blue flame 4
Supercharged Silica flown out in Flame
blue flame kit 5
Blue Flame Calibrator throws supercharged silica.

Blue Flame is the latest car detailing technology from Japan. Our Blue Flame Calibrator throws out supercharged nano particles of primer silicia.  This heated silicia fills in the porous gaps and micro-crevices to make your paint so smooth that water sheeting is the result once the whole treatment process is over. Also, this supercharged and heated silica puts a thin layer on top of the clear coat so that our glass coating permanently binds and adheres to clear coat. This layer of silica also has the advantage of given the car shine the heavily desired “wet look.”  An finally, the Blue Flame Treatment enhances the “water sheeting” effect.

Yes, it is a flame on your delicate car paint, but don’t get the wrong idea.  The nano particles of the silica are being supercharged in the Blue Flame, but the blue flame is not going to burn your car.  If the flame stayed in the same place for 10 or 15 seconds…that is ONE SPOT, you would see a burn.  But, as our Sifu Specialists know to keep the flame head moving so a two to three inch wave of silica is gently laid down on top of the car paint.  Take a look of Blue Flame burning a hand….not an issue as the silica is only supercharged, not the hand (or paint).

Catch a look at short video on water sheeting.

We are located in USJ, Penang and Johor Bahru.  We also have services available in Singapore.  So, we are convenient for most Malaysians.

Our work on your car can’t be rushed, as each car needs to be properly prepared to receive our glass coating.  Many shops shortcut this vital step, but not Sierraglow.  On average your car will need about 4 – 5 hours at our shop.  Most of the time spent on your car will be in the preparation of the car paint surface, so that it can receive the glass coating. We have many methods and polishes to bring out the best in your car paint surface.  You may not know this, but this process of preparing the car paint surface is where Sierraglow excels.  We have 6 different polishing compounds in our arsenal.  We often use a mixture of these compounds to even bring out a richer shine.rain drops

We are a unique company as we are the inventor and the manufacturer of the compounds and the glass coating.  In fact, we are always improving our products so we can deliver the latest and best service to you.  Our inventor, Mr. Sato, is diligently testing and retesting products to improve shine.  Because we are the inventor and the manufacturer, we can provide you the best products at an incredibly low price as we have now wholesales or distributors.

We are especially proud of our BLue Flame Treatment program.  This is world class and offered exclusively by Sierraglow.  Take advantage of this treatment as it gives your car the best paint protection available anywhere with the terrific deep, wet shine.

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