Car Coating: 98.5 Purity Achieved. Wow!

100_4455-copy-1“Into the Weeds’ is an English expression meaning…have a real close and detailed look at something.  One goes into the weeds when you want to find out the details.  Let’s go into the weeds and learn about SG 98.5…the name of the world’s best car coating chemical made by Sierra Glow, our 6th generation car coating.
First, let’s understand the chemical composition of glass coating, Si02. Almost all car coating, ceramic coating, glass coating, quartz coating, whatever you call it IS the chemical formula, Si02.  For those familiar with some chemistry, Si stands for silica and it is surrounded with two molecules of Oxygen. Silica is the main ingredient of glass, so Si02 is geneally known as liquid glass. Our latest achievement is unsurpassed at 98.5% purity.  Sierra Glow not just beats the competitors, we annihilate.
Such purity levels are unheard of in the car coating market, and this achievement makes our car coating dry in minutes once applied.  That is why at Sierra Glow we don’t need infra red, thermal,  UV lights or 4 hours to achieve  drying and hardening.  Those who have less purity will have a longer drying time, lights, heat, fans to assist.
Quick hsio2ardness is important, as there is less danger of contaminants mixing and landing on the car coating and embedding in the car coat. Also, because drying is so fast (within minutes) using SG 98.5, our turn around time is faster. Because of the high purity percentage, hardness is superior. Finally, our purity level results in MORE Si02 being applied.
Deeper into the weeds …what is the other 1.5%?  Flourine is a gas that helps with water beading and hydrophobia and comes from flourite.  Flourite is 24th most common element and was discovered in 1529 and flourine amounts to a $15 billion is sales a year. It is not unusual and you will find it in your toothpaste and thousands of other products.
The third ingredient is a small, small, tiny, tiny drop of emulsion. This emulsion prevents our Si02 from becoming too sticky or tacky.  This emulsion is our manufacturing trade secret, but it is critical to achieving the 98.5% silica component of our car coating. If you smell our coating chemicals there is no solvent or petrochemical smell.  With most other car coating chemicals, because they fail to achieve the purity levels, they need a lot of petrochemical based solvents to keep it in a liquid state and to give body, weight, substance to the chemicals being applied. And obviously if they have a heavy petrochemical solvent smell, the formula cannot be very pure.
Our car coating, SG5, is simply superior.  In a recent test of 10 large international car coating chemicals, we were shocked at the heavy presence of petrochemical solvents.   Ready for the shock….almost all of the car coating tested contained only less than 10% Si02.  Got that…only 10%.  What you are putting on your car is 90% petrochemical solvents and other chemicals and only a small amount is actual  Si02, car coating.
mono-narigudo-nasalis-larvatusCustomers and car coating dealers should pay attention to one factor…the smell. I call it the smell test:  if you smell petrochemical solvent chemical in your car coating, in the
bottle or in  the air…your cascenttest_670r coating lacks purity and, therefore Si02. We notice that many car coating companies use not only heating lights but also large ventilation fans to clear the air of the petrochemical vapours.  Come to Sierra Glow, no heating lights, no ventilation fans, coating is dry in 10 minutes!  These are all evidence of our purity Si02 levels.
One final fact about our SG 98.5.  Many of our competitors will use 20 – 30 cc of their car coating chemicals.  But because the Si02 content is so low, only 1 to 3 grams of Si02 is applied to the surface of the typcial car. Because of our 98.5%, 8  – 10 grams of Si02 will be applied.  This results in better shine, better hydrophobia and much more protection of your clear coat. Because there is more Si02, it lasts longer.
I apologize for  going “into the weeds” but so many of our customers want to know what makes our car coating  superior…now you know.

Waxing/Polishing: Change

more-to-learnIf you are 60, Remember when you started using a washing machine and dryer?  Change.

If you are 50, Remember when you changed to an automatic instead of clutch and gears?  Change.

If you are 40, Remember when you embraced GPS and stopped buy maps?  Change

If you are 30, Remember when you stopped writing cheques and started internet banki6a1504f9747ea9aa6a62d268b06c8a7ang?  Change

Many people have made these changes, and more and more continue the trend toward change everyday.  Heck, I am asking Google  for help 20 times a day.  Change. But, how many of you are still waxing your car?  Yeah, you!  Stuck in the 20th century and still waxing/polishing your car to get the shine.  Still using maps, too?  Still writing cheques?  I bet you are.

If you are still waxing/polishing to make your car shine, you are living in your daddy’s generation, you haven’t changed.  This is understandable as car coating seems so mysterious and strange.  Is it really better? some people still ask.  The short and clear answer to whether car coating is better is a resounding YES!

Is car coating 20140113-155419a perfect solution to protecting your paint and shine?  No is the honest answer.  Many coating companies will make wild claims that it will protect against scratches,
watermarks, swirls and bird poo.  The truth is that car coating can help, but it will not protect a vandal with a key who wants to scratch your car from one end to the other.  It simply won’t…even if it is 9H!

So, some ask, why should I spend money on car coating if it won’t protect against the key (or watermark, birdpoo, or bumper)?  The answer is that car coating gives a good protection to the delicate and important clear coat.  This means that if you have a light scratch from washing (a swirl), most likely your clear coat will be protected AND the swirls can be buffed out.  No harm.

If you have a watermark or a bird poo mark, most likely tdownload-30here will be no damage or minimal damage to the clear coat…so the problem can be taken care of quickly and easily. Yes, no damage.

The water marks on the right are quite serious, but if the car has Sierra Glow car coating, the damage stays on top and the underneath clear coat can be restored.

The problem with wax or having a polish, the damage from watermarks has an easy path to wreck the clear coat.  The wax holds the water, and the acid or minerals in the water have no real barrier to protect the clear coat.  If this car has wax on top, the clear coat is finished, damaged and nothing really can be done to restore the shine except to paint again.  Painting is really the last resort as the resale value of your car take a big hit.

So, please consider moving into the 21st century, open yourself to change, and embrace the new technology.  Say goodbye to the horse and buggy days, and accept the change.  Wax and polishing have other issues than being a lousy protector of your clear coat, but this is the main reason to shun the old ways.  Embrace the new…go Sierra Glow car coating.

Proof, Blue Flame is the Best

At Sierra Glow we love to tinker.  Putting together experiments that show customers why they should use Blue Flame is one of our greatest joys.  Although most customers just take a look at the finished product (a friend’s car), and they are sold on the rewards for choosing Blue Flame.  But, playing with videos is fun for us.

This is an experiment put together by our mischievous team in Johor Bahru.  You will be more than amazed.  It is a short video, enjoy.

This short video explains why we are now coating so many wrapped cars.  Because if you simply apply car coating on top of the wrap, it will not bind with the wrap.  But after Blue Flame, even a wrapped car can hold the car coating….and this will allow water sheeting and reduce water marks.  Water marks are a big problem for all cars but especially wrapped cars…With Blue Flame, water easily runs off …., but the water won’t roll off until the car is properly coated.

Awesomeness at Sierra Glow.

Grime: Cosmetics & Cars

This is a second article regarding the cosmetic industry and the car detailing business.  Both are trying to take care of a surface…face or car body.  Both suffer from our environment and especially pollutants and contaminants. Skin like a car body attract these contaminants…I like to call it GRIME., but there are other words….

filth, muck, soot, crud, film, gook, gunk, smudge, smut, soil and tarnish to name a few.  To see the grime (or whatever you want to call it, look at this Air France airplane

maxresdefault (1)

The plane is no longer white…but a dirty white.  You can see tons of cars on Malaysian roads (especially if they are white) that look just like this.  Yuk.  And, a good wash doesn’t clean them up.


images (46)


This GRIME is everywhere in the air, and cars, trucks and buses are one of the main causes of this grime that floats innocently until the microscopic particles land on your skin, your car on lodge in your lungs.

sooty-diesel-fumesThe problem isn’t one car with a bad engine ring that causes the oil to mix in with the gas in the piston chamber, but rather cars. Lots of cars that choke the highways every morning and evening rush.

I use to drive around on a motorcycle and I wore goggles.  Within an hour of driving around the difference of my face and my eyes was night and day…black was my face.

Have a problem getting the amount of grime and contaminants floating around in our air.  Check out your car air filter or your air conditioning filters.  These need to be checked and cleaned regularly…or your engine will run rough or your AC will not be cold enough.  Take a look at these filters…grime


Grime on a car starts slowly, and you hardly notice.  But if youcar-grime-remover clean it off, then you can really see it.  Take a look at this Land Rover…

Most cars aren’t this serious, but contaminants stick to each other and slowly seep into the paint and stick to each other. They build up.  Why do these contaminants and grime stick to your car and your body?  The answers aren’t as complex as you might image…

The above circles are photos of a car side door that was brought to Sierra Glow recently.  If you look, you can see the black marks (scars) created by the grime that has attached itself to the paint.  Instead of white, the car is gray.  We can clean it up, but it is amazing that within two years, a white car becomes gray with abundant black marks.  How does this happen so fast.

Perhaps it is better to ask, why does it happen so slowly.  Yeah, really, this is the effect of two years.  One thing that brings this on faster and more seriously is poor washing.  Just like your face, don’t give your face a deep scrub…don’t get into the skin and work off the dead skin and pull out the contaminants, your face will pay a price.  Likewise, sloppy washing of your car really brings on the grime fast.  Suppose you leave residue of the shampoo on your car…it isn’t wipe off.  Just image how fast the grime will stick to a car with soap/shampoo residue.

Watch the two videos below of the ladies trying to deep wash their face.  The results of a clean face is clean and vibrant skin.  Likewise, wash your car carefully and thoroughly to prevent the grime buildup.


Car Detailing: Damage Control

Sierra Glow is all about making your car beautiful.  That is what we do.  But, we are also into the protection business, that is car paint protection.  Most car paint is protected by a layer of “clear coat.”  Our car coating is a revolutionary way to help protect the all important clear coat. Actually there is a lot of steps involved in making your car paint beautiful, but in the process of making the paint shine, our final step is to protect the clear coat.

Why is protection so important?

Without the clear coat your paint is exposed to the elements of our attacking environment.  Since the clear coat is not very thick or hard, without protection, it is vulnerable to attacks.  What kind of attacks.  Acid rain, bug splatters, bird poo, tree sap and and UV light can all reek havoc on your car’s clear coat.  Once the clear coat layer is breached, then the paint will quickly deteriorate.

In the west we also have the added attack from salted roads.  During winter and snow storms, city use a massive amount of salt on roads to melt snow and keep roads from freezing.  They use salt and this salt will attack the car’s paint if you don’t quickly wash it off your car.

Photos of attacks:

Salted roads


Bird Poo

Water marks

Tree Sap

And  finally, let’s look at a video on the huge threat of acid rain.


Sierra Glow protects your car’s clear coat, and therefore we protect your investment.  The best news is that your car will shine and look beautiful, year after year after year…and better than that, your car doesn’t need any special treatment, just wash and your car will shine like a new wax.  But, you never have to send your car for a polish and wax again.  Yes, you read that right, no more waxing. Fantastic!!!

Car Coating Wins “The Logic”

images (1)

In this world there is a beautiful gift we have.  We call it logic!  We solve so many problems on a daily (even hourly) basis using the gift of logic.  We can save money, time and even avoid disaster with logic.  One way we can do all of these is to use LOGIC and choose to car coat your car. Let me explain.

The clear coat is the layer on top of your car paint. Almost all cars have this clear coat.  It is delicate and can scratch easily.  You see the swirls left after polishing, waxing or washing…these swirls are scratches to the clear coat and these swirls compromise the integrity of the clear coat.  They are the first wave attack to the clear coat, and in time they will be victorious.  Your clear coat will be defeated as it is only a matter of time.

download (13)

The elements attacking your clear coat are multiple and constant.  This makes protecting your clear coat not only a necessity but also your priority.  Want the car to shine in 3 years…protect the clear coat.  The attack can come from rain (acid rain).  The attack can come from sending it to a car wash that works fast and doesn’t clean the cloth (or uses sponges).  The attack could come from bird poo…yuk (wipe off with water quickly). Tree sap is another killer of clear coat.

images (43) Another likely attack is from polishing your car.  Yep, using rotary polishers will take off a thin layer and thus weaken your clear coat.  Bam!  Clear coat becomes compromised…and after several polishes, your clear coat becomes really thin. After two or three years, the sun starts to get through the clear coat or what’s left of it, and now you have a real problem: oxidation.  The UV rays from the sun will spoil a car faster than you can say “Jack Robinson.”images (2)

Many car enthusiasts are protecting the clear coat with a plastic wrap.  This is one way, but not the best way. Plastic wraps are expensive and can be damaged with a stone chip or a fender bender…then expensive repair. But, to me the real problem with these plastic wraps is that your paint just doesn’t shine any more.  The thick wrap cuts reflection, and will never enhance it.  Enhancing the reflection, the shine is the purpose of the clear coat.  Not, with the plastic wrap, the shine is negated.

Is plastic wrap better than waxing?  Probably it is, but where is the shine?  So, let’s go back to logic.

Statements of truth:

  1.  Clear coat must be protected
  2.  Wax doesn’t do the job of protecting the clear coat
  3.   Plastic wrap protects, but paint won’t shine
  4.  Washing, waxing, polishing are potential attacks on clear coat.
  5.  Bird droppings, tree sap and rain (acid rain) are direct attacks on clear coat
  6.  Oxidation will occur when clear coat is compromised.

I don’t think you can argue with the above “truths.”  They are true and observable, and most damning, LOGICAL.

So, how do we protect the clear coat.  This is easiest answer as there is really only one way to do it in the best way: car coating.  Just think about it, You need to protect the clear coat, so how about putting on a thin layer of car coating, glass coating, on top of the clear coat.  Get a scratch on this, no problem, the clear coat is protected.  Get a water mark on top of the clear coat, no problem, just wash or wipe it off.  Get an active bird above your car, spat…no problem, wipe it off the car coat as the clear coat is protected.

Logically, car coating is the best way to protect your clear coat.  And, (wait for it) Sierra Glow not only has the best car coating, we also have Blue Flame.  To capture your shine, our SG5 car coating will do the trick, and the best news, it isn’t expensive.  Call for a quote, you will be amazed.  In fact, our car coating is cheaper than waxing your car.  Faced with this logic, let’s go to Sierra Glow.

One last point: with our car coating, you car just won’t get as dirty.  Your car surface will be so smooth and hydrophobic, you just won’t need to clean it as often.  Logic is wonderful.




Clear Coating Needs Protection


You wouldn’t go out in the rain without an umbrella unless you expect some damage and perhaps a cold.  Many Asian ladies won’t even go out in the sun with out an u
mbrella.  We need it for protection.  Your car paint needs protection too!  Car manufacturers protect the delicate, soft paint from damage with a clear coat.

But, what is clear coat?  Clear coat  is paint or resin with no pigments and hence imparts no color to the car. It’s simply a layer of clear resin that is applied over colored resin. Almost 95 percent of all vehicles manufactured today have a clear coat finish. image 4

Pros of Clear Coat Car Paint

Clear car paint not only makes your car look shiny and more glamorous, it makes the car paint look wetter and deeper. However, there are other functional advantages that are of greater importance.

  1. A major advantage is that this coat provides protection from the sun and ultraviolet rays that cause the car paint to fade.images1
  2. Your car paint appears new for a longer period of time.
  3.  Shallow surface defects and spotting caused by acid rain can be buffed out without damaging the paint, if the car is protected with a layer of clear coat.
  4. Most manufacturers now use water base color coats and these require a clear coat for protection. Manufacturers separate the top coat into a color coat and a clear coat and by doing so they reduce the use of solvents that are pollutants by nature.

Clear Coat brings shine, but danger as well!

While it is true that clear coat finishes are harder and more resistant to oxidation. However they are more sensitive to scratches and you should be careful not to use abrasive rubbing or polishing compounds on them.

Oxidation and scratches

These finishes are also prone to oxidation. Without clear coat, your car would suffer from severe oxidation in a year or two.  This is delayed with the clear coat since  the clear coat has no color, it can’t fade or lose brightness, but depending on the 1-pc-lot-de-vinilo-transparente-Runway-PVC-impermeable-estilo-Womens-Girls-claro-moda-capa-deenvironment to which the car is exposed, the clear coat can become dull. This fading occurs slowly and you might not perceive any change on a day-to-day basis. You can safeguard against this by parking the car in a garage away from the sun’s heat and ultraviolet radiation.

Acid Rain

Surface contaminants such as acid rain, rain dust, airborne pollutants, bird droppings, bug splatter and industrial fallout can cause clear coat finishes to look faded. This is because as these contaminants accumulate on the surface of the car, the reflective quality of the finish gets reduced. Which in turn causes the gloss to diminish and the paint to look dull. images (3)

So, to summarize.  Clear coat is a clear resin that allows the color paint to shine through, to dazzle.  Without it, your car paint would not last long.  Clear coat also protects your car paint from swirls, water marks and acid rain.  But, your clear coat can EASiLY become damaged.  It is soft, so scratches, swirls and water marks and even dullness can result from our environment, cleaning, sun and elements.  Clear coat is not immune from damage, and it can easily become sick.

We need to protect our clear coat.

We could put on some film (big mistake) or use wax (another mistake) to try to protect it.  Or we could use the very best option on the market today, Blue Flame by Sierra Glow. Our coating protects your delicate and important clear coat layer.  You really don’t want to damage the clear coat…and just washing it wrong will easily scratch it.  So, let’s protect it. Sierra Glow protects it…we warranty it.

Check out our results, if you have any doubts about our work and warranty

Malaysia: We got your back

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Malaysia: We got your back


Car Coating: Your Diamond in the Rough

Many car owners downloaddon’t seem to understand car coating and protecting your car paint.  They often look at their new car and think, “wow, looks great.”  But really your new car is a “diamond in the rough.”  The potential has to be unleashed.

Lurking around the corner and unknown (and unseen) to most new car owners is the fact is that your car does shine, but it isn’t a “sharp, mirror finish.”  At Sierra Glow we take your new or old car and unleash the potential.  Every car has the potential “to be all it can be.”  But, the potential is best released with Sierra Glow.

IMG_8558We could cover our car in mirrors to achieve the “sharp, mirror finish.”  But, like Mercedes picture here, a little expensive.

Actually there are vast differences in car paint.  Some car manufacturers use a softer paint while other use harder paint.  Some use more, thicker or better quality clear coat than others. Even though there are big differences from the car manufacturers, only the hand made cars would you find the car paint actually “DETAILED.”  Car detailing, buffing and polishing the new paint just doesn’t happen in the cars the normal person buys.  Yeah, if you got a million US dollars, you can buy a car with the “sharp, mirror finish.”

Want a million US dollar finish?  Call Sierra Glow.  This is what we do, unleashing the shine potential.  Take a look and this baby…

Car makers don’t have the time, money or inclination to sell cars with a “sharp, mirror finish.”  Car sellers can put a layer of wax and cover up some imperfections AND make the car have a reasonable shine.  But, they will not create a “sharp, mirror finish.”  So, the car you buy will have imperfections, some paint waves, a lot of porous holes, clear coat blemishes, uneven paint
thickness, rough edges and more.  These are serious blemishes and imperfections that need to be taken care of.

Blemishes lead to more serious problems down the road.  Take watermarks.  Watermarks are serious and  appear frequently.   Watermarks are more serious and more frequent if you have uneven paint or not smooth paint.  All new cars have uneven paint and not smooth paint.  Just take your fingers and rub them down your car.  A Sierra Glow buffed car will feel smooth and silky, while new cars actually feel rough.

The whole point is that to bring out the shine, the sharp mirror finish, you need to have your car paint DETAILED.  And, the best at this is Sierra Glow.  Bring out the potential of your car..Look.





Malaysia: Protect Car Investment

Yeah, you might have an accident and ruin the value of your car.  But, usually we don’t have accidents or have our car stolen.  What we have now, we probably will have 2, 3 or even 5 years from now.  Shouldn’t we protect our investment.  When a car doesn’t shine anymore, the value is gone.  Wax is only a temporary solution.  The best solution is car coating, and the best car coating company is Sierra Glow.  And, we are proven to be good. Our 5 year warranty stands up.  Watch.