One Layer is Enough for us

So many car coating companies tout the “multi-layer” strategy to effective car coating.  On the surface, this sounds like a good idea.  But, a deeper look into the multi-layer concept a host of problems stare back at you.  So many questions come to mind:

  1.  Why are so many layers required?  (Some have more than 7)
  2. Why so many hardness layers available?  Why not put on the best and forget the other hardness?
  3. Why charge so much for each layer?  To put on another layer is easy and shouldn’t be hundreds of ringgit or dollars?  Hardly any labor or materials required.

We have a pretty good idea why so many car coating companies offer and recommend multi-layers.  First, they can charge the unsuspecting customer more by offering extra layers.  And since they don’t have concentrated SiO2 (Silica), their coatings are weak and need extra layers to achieve a good result.  Sierra Glow spends extra money and time to offer our customers SiO2 that is almost 100% pure (98.5%).  While the heating technique to achieve this is expensive and time consuming, we can achieve the best shine and protection with our coating because of this one fact.

Take a look…


Classics are classics.  Hard to describe what they are, but when we see a “classic” we all know.  Beautiful cars need car coating to protect their shine.  Wax is not a possibility as it slowly eats away at the polish and wax, leaving the car paint dull.  Sierra Glow knows how to restore a car’s finish, and with our SG6, we can preserve this shine for years and years to come.  Fantastic!

Car Coating is Hydrophobic


The word hydrophobic is Latin for “afraid of water.”

The word has become a buzzword in the car detailing word as a fancy way to say that you car paint does absorb water, but repels it.  With good hydrophobic properties, one will see water beading or just running off your car. It is considered to be very good for the water not to stick to the car paint but run off.  The more the water remains on top of the car paint, the more the water can and will do damage to the car paint.

What is that damage?

Water is not good for paint especially if the paint has surface cuts or scratches.  Then the water can leak through the clear coat into the paint and even tough the metal.  We all know that water and metal are not good together, rust is the result of that.  So, getting the water to not settle on top of the car paint or in cracks in the clear coat, but rather to quickly run off is one of the goals in today’s car detailing. Read more