Blue Flame Technology is both old and new

Blue Flame Treatment by Sierra Glow is only a few years old.  This is new as we have adapted older paint coating technology (Blue Flame) and added glass primer silica to our supercharged Blue Flame.  We have produced short video to show you that the older Blue Flame is used by many companies who want their paint to shine. Take a look.



Achieving a “mirror” finish before applying the car coating is the goal of every competent and professional car detailer.  However, few achieve   it.  The reason isn’t difficult to understand as in any trade craft, there are two requirements:  the best tools and great technique.  SierraGlow has both.  Our sifu car detailers have years of experience learning their craft.  With that, SierraGlow has a total of 6 different polishing compounds to chose.  We have so many so we can correct “crash” the car paint blemish issues.

If your paint is hard, we have a special compound for that.  If your paint is soft, we have the compound.  If you have a lot of light swirls, we have the compound.  If you have some deep watermarks, no problem.  Compounds are a key to achieving the mirror finish.  But, our compounds work best when we use Compact Tools Dual Action Orbital Buffers.  These light and sturdy machines are a dream come true for a professional car detailer.  They spin in an orbit, and they spin SLOWLY.  No extra heat to disturb your paint.  Watch the video to see the results.



Waxing/Polishing: Change

more-to-learnIf you are 60, Remember when you started using a washing machine and dryer?  Change.

If you are 50, Remember when you changed to an automatic instead of clutch and gears?  Change.

If you are 40, Remember when you embraced GPS and stopped buy maps?  Change

If you are 30, Remember when you stopped writing cheques and started internet banki6a1504f9747ea9aa6a62d268b06c8a7ang?  Change

Many people have made these changes, and more and more continue the trend toward change everyday.  Heck, I am asking Google  for help 20 times a day.  Change. But, how many of you are still waxing your car?  Yeah, you!  Stuck in the 20th century and still waxing/polishing your car to get the shine.  Still using maps, too?  Still writing cheques?  I bet you are.

If you are still waxing/polishing to make your car shine, you are living in your daddy’s generation, you haven’t changed.  This is understandable as car coating seems so mysterious and strange.  Is it really better? some people still ask.  The short and clear answer to whether car coating is better is a resounding YES!

Is car coating 20140113-155419a perfect solution to protecting your paint and shine?  No is the honest answer.  Many coating companies will make wild claims that it will protect against scratches,
watermarks, swirls and bird poo.  The truth is that car coating can help, but it will not protect a vandal with a key who wants to scratch your car from one end to the other.  It simply won’t…even if it is 9H!

So, some ask, why should I spend money on car coating if it won’t protect against the key (or watermark, birdpoo, or bumper)?  The answer is that car coating gives a good protection to the delicate and important clear coat.  This means that if you have a light scratch from washing (a swirl), most likely your clear coat will be protected AND the swirls can be buffed out.  No harm.

If you have a watermark or a bird poo mark, most likely tdownload-30here will be no damage or minimal damage to the clear coat…so the problem can be taken care of quickly and easily. Yes, no damage.

The water marks on the right are quite serious, but if the car has Sierra Glow car coating, the damage stays on top and the underneath clear coat can be restored.

The problem with wax or having a polish, the damage from watermarks has an easy path to wreck the clear coat.  The wax holds the water, and the acid or minerals in the water have no real barrier to protect the clear coat.  If this car has wax on top, the clear coat is finished, damaged and nothing really can be done to restore the shine except to paint again.  Painting is really the last resort as the resale value of your car take a big hit.

So, please consider moving into the 21st century, open yourself to change, and embrace the new technology.  Say goodbye to the horse and buggy days, and accept the change.  Wax and polishing have other issues than being a lousy protector of your clear coat, but this is the main reason to shun the old ways.  Embrace the new…go Sierra Glow car coating.

We call it “mirror sharp reflection.”

Although both of these car are clearly “mirror sharp reflection” this is truly the real thing.  Our use of the term “mirror sharp reflection” is an accurate description of the effect that Sierra Glow creates with our car coating technique.  We buff the car paint with special compounds and our unique gear action orbital polishers….until we succeed in reaching our standard (“mirror sharp reflection”).

To achieve the Sierra Glow standards, more than equipment and polishing/buffing compounds are important.  Although you must have great compounds and specific compounds for the job at hand, the tools of our trade has to be put into professional hands.  The job of restoring car paint is highly skilled, and the art of restoring takes years to develop and hone.  Sierra Glow has the most skilled car paint restoration professionals in Malaysia.mirror-light

When we look at our work, and more importantly, when our
customers look at their newly coated car, they see it as perfect.  The standard of “mirror sharp reflection” achieved is 10.  When a car is a 8 or a 9, it is not mirror sharp.

One of the main reasons we highlight our work on our facebook pages is we want our customers to see their cars with the standard “mirror sharp reflection.”

Is it as good as a real, highly polished mirror.  The best answer to this is not Yes or No, but our mirror sharp reflection is different than a real mirror.  The colour of the paint on your car is usually not silver (as in the above cars), but rather black, red, white, green, blue or whatever.  These colours obviously don’t reflect like silver does in a mirror, but our mirror sharp reflection really is sharp.





Another Sierra Glow First

An amazing company with amazing results, that is Sierra Glow.  When we started we were the first to introduce inorganic car coating.  That was a first.  We were the first to offer a 5 year warranty …this was a first.  We continually improved our services.  We were the first to use gear action orbital polishers, and we were the first to use 6 different polishing compounds depending on the problem presented.  These were all firsts.  We were the first to offer Blue Flame…and Blue Flame is now going to make another new first for Sierra Glow.

We have just finished using our Blue Flame technology on a chrome silver mirror wrapped Nissan GTR.  Yes, you heard me right, we flamed a wrapped car.  And, the results?  Check it out.

Grime: Cosmetics & Cars

This is a second article regarding the cosmetic industry and the car detailing business.  Both are trying to take care of a surface…face or car body.  Both suffer from our environment and especially pollutants and contaminants. Skin like a car body attract these contaminants…I like to call it GRIME., but there are other words….

filth, muck, soot, crud, film, gook, gunk, smudge, smut, soil and tarnish to name a few.  To see the grime (or whatever you want to call it, look at this Air France airplane

maxresdefault (1)

The plane is no longer white…but a dirty white.  You can see tons of cars on Malaysian roads (especially if they are white) that look just like this.  Yuk.  And, a good wash doesn’t clean them up.


images (46)


This GRIME is everywhere in the air, and cars, trucks and buses are one of the main causes of this grime that floats innocently until the microscopic particles land on your skin, your car on lodge in your lungs.

sooty-diesel-fumesThe problem isn’t one car with a bad engine ring that causes the oil to mix in with the gas in the piston chamber, but rather cars. Lots of cars that choke the highways every morning and evening rush.

I use to drive around on a motorcycle and I wore goggles.  Within an hour of driving around the difference of my face and my eyes was night and day…black was my face.

Have a problem getting the amount of grime and contaminants floating around in our air.  Check out your car air filter or your air conditioning filters.  These need to be checked and cleaned regularly…or your engine will run rough or your AC will not be cold enough.  Take a look at these filters…grime


Grime on a car starts slowly, and you hardly notice.  But if youcar-grime-remover clean it off, then you can really see it.  Take a look at this Land Rover…

Most cars aren’t this serious, but contaminants stick to each other and slowly seep into the paint and stick to each other. They build up.  Why do these contaminants and grime stick to your car and your body?  The answers aren’t as complex as you might image…

The above circles are photos of a car side door that was brought to Sierra Glow recently.  If you look, you can see the black marks (scars) created by the grime that has attached itself to the paint.  Instead of white, the car is gray.  We can clean it up, but it is amazing that within two years, a white car becomes gray with abundant black marks.  How does this happen so fast.

Perhaps it is better to ask, why does it happen so slowly.  Yeah, really, this is the effect of two years.  One thing that brings this on faster and more seriously is poor washing.  Just like your face, don’t give your face a deep scrub…don’t get into the skin and work off the dead skin and pull out the contaminants, your face will pay a price.  Likewise, sloppy washing of your car really brings on the grime fast.  Suppose you leave residue of the shampoo on your car…it isn’t wipe off.  Just image how fast the grime will stick to a car with soap/shampoo residue.

Watch the two videos below of the ladies trying to deep wash their face.  The results of a clean face is clean and vibrant skin.  Likewise, wash your car carefully and thoroughly to prevent the grime buildup.


The Sun Wreaks Havoc on Car Paint (and more)

shadesMalaysia is hot, so are most places in the summer.  What happens to your car and your car paint in this heat?  Many think you can fry an egg on your car on a hot day.  You can try, but who would want to fry an egg on a car. But, this doesn’t mean it isn’t hot.   Leaving a dog or a child in a lock car can just destroy your life (jail time anyone?)  Ever sit down on leather seats wearing shorts or a thin dress after leaving the car out in the sun for an hour or two…ouch!)

Overall, the sun can cause problems to your car paint, your tires and to the inside (don’t eggleave pets and children in a locked car in the sun.) That doesn’t mean it isn’t hot.  Look at the damages, concerns and worries caused to your car left in the sun:

  • Burns can occur when your skin touches any metal, leather, or plastic items inside or outside the vehicle
  • Your vehicle battery will begin to degrade, leading to months if not years less of battery life
  • Your vehicle’s tires will get Sun damaged, leading to a shorter life of the tires
  • The inside of the vehicle will not be safe to sit in until it is cooled down by outside air or air conditioning, which will slow you down
  • Anything inside the car that is electronic could be ruined or completely lose all battery charging
  • Anything in the car food or drink will melt or be heated up to hot
  • Any plastic water bottles in the vehicle will be heated up to release dangerous chemicals in the plastic into your water

The temperature of your car can reach 65 degrees celsius.  That is hot, and the damage to you paint, your tires, plastic, leather and rubber is what we call a “slow burn.”  Little by little, your car suffers.  Do you see it?  No, you won’t see it right away.


Primer is a paint product that allows finishing paint to adhere much better than if it were used alone.  For this purpose, primer is designed to adhere to surfaces and to form a binding layer that is better prepared to receive the paint. Because primers do not need to be engineered to have durable, finished surfaces, they can instead be engineered to have improved filling and binding properties with the material underneath.


3 Layers of Paint:

There are typically three layers of paint on a car metal surface.  There is primer layer, their is the colour layer and then there is the important clear coat. Car manufacturers know that the sun mounts huge attacks on their car.  Over years, they have learned that a minimum of three layers is key. Each layer has its unique function.

Primer as a step in the coating process of a car body.

In practice, primer is often used when painting many kinds of materials. Priming is mandatory if the material is not water resistant and will be exposed to the elements.  Primers can also be used for dirty surfaces that, for some reason, cannot be cleaned, or before painting light colors over existing dark colors.

Primers can usually be tinted to a close match with the color of the finishing paint. If the finishing paint is a deep color, tinting the primer can reduce the number of layers of finishing paint that are necessary for good uniformity across the painted surface.

There may be a maximum time frame within which a topcoat should be applied over the primer after the primer dries, in order to achieve maximum performance. Depending on the primer, the next coat of paint should be applied as quickly as 24 hours or you may have as long as 2 weeks. Painting after the suggested timeframe may cause performance issues depending on the specific situation. Supposedly, you want to apply the finish coat of paint before the primer fully cures on a molecular level. Doing this allows maximum adhesion/bonding of the topcoat to the primer.

Who Has the Most Durable Paint

Unfortunately, no one can really say for sure. Most every car manufacturer has had problems with their paint quality and durability at some point in their history. From the early clear coats that would peel, or metallic’s that would burn out, to some of the Chevy, Ford, or Chrysler products that would peel after a few years. All the detailing in the world would not have saved any of these problems; this is a case of poor materials, preparation, base coats, clear coats, etc.

Who Has the Thickest Paint?

Once again, this depends. Most every car comes as a two stage paint, which is what clear coat and base coat is all about. You get a thin layer of the color coat, which is followed by a thin layer of clear coat. So even if you were to measure the thickness with a paint gauge meter, how does one know how thick the actual clear coat is vs. the color, or base/primer coats; you wouldn’t. Those using the paint thickness gauges can’t tell you how thick each layer is, so the information is not so useful. It is a nice gimmick, but tells little unless it is “thin.”

Car detailers  will want to know and quickly evaluate is not how thick your car paint is, but how hard is your paint.  The hardness will determine how the detailer will work on your car.  The polishing compounds and the buffer are selected in large part because of the hardness of the paint.  Another critically important issue is the condition of the paint and what problems that need correcting.

Whenproton-saga12V-1 you see cars that are faded, you are actually looking a sun damage. The most obvious car on Malaysian roads are the now pink Proton Sagas (formerly they were red).  UV light will fade a car faster that you can say “Jack Robinson.”  When the clear coat has been damaged with micro cuts and swirls or with over polishing, the clear coat can’t protect the paint from the dangerous UV light.  Here is your car in 5 years if you wax and polish too often!  Better to protect the clear coat with Sierra Glow car coating.  The best in the Malaysian market is Blue Flame by Sierra Glow.

Can you fry an egg on top of a car?  Watch to find out.

Car Coating Wins (in battle against Car Wax

ford-assembly-lineSince the car came off Henry Ford’s assembly line, car wax was the solution to keeping the paint in good shape.  Given this long history with polishing and waxing cars, it is no wonder that the vast majority of today’s drivers choose car wax.  They simply don’t know about car coating as a better alternatives to the old fashioned car wax.  But, car wax is really not just a old technology, it is a poor choice in protecting your car. This post describes the disadvantages of using waxes and polishes to protect your car.

First, let’s understand the difference between a wax and a polish.  Polishes are “gritty” and actually buff up the car’s paint or clear coat to take off the oxidation or dullness of the gloss.  With the gritty polish in the compounds, the shine comes back some.  However, this has to be done very carefully.  If too much force is applied or a rotary polisher used, too much clear coat or paint can be taken off, and this can cause swirls and actually create less shine, not more.  So, if you are using polish or have your car “polished” some degree of car is important.

Wax is different than polish.  Car wax is a non-abrasive coating usually containing Carnauba and other waxes. It is applied after washing your car and dries to a thin, milky-white layer when applied properly and is then wiped or buffed off.  The glaze creates a thin, harden layer of reflective shine on top of the car.  The wax has some hydrophobic effect and offers some protection from the elements: sun, bird poo and tree sap.  Wax looks good on top of your car paint.

So, what is the problem.  Wax and polish are temporary.  They will not last on top of your car.  Within weeks, the wax has worn off.  If it has rained a lot (very common in Malaysia), the expensive wax just washes off the car leaving the car paint exposed. Literally within a month your expensive RM 400 wax can be gone.  And, if you use a cheaper wax, your RM 200 car paint protection wax is gone.  Either way, it is money down the drain.

We wax our cars because we don’t know there is an alternative to wax.  More on this later…

bird shit on the bonnet of a car
bird shit on the bonnet of a car

Even the wax companies recommend that you wax your car ever 3 months.  This means you need to take your car in for “the wax” at least 4 times a year.  If each wax costs RM 200, you will be spending RM 800 a year on a temporary solution.  Within 5 years, your bill in maintaining your car shine is RM 4,000.00.  But, this doesn’t include the cost and the requirement to polish your car.  Polishing should be at least yearly or twice a year.  Polishing can easily add RM 400 a year to your cost, so now, the basic requirement for good car paint protection becomes RM 6,000 over 5 years.  This is getting expensiveBecause of this cost, many Malaysians decide to stretch out the intervals between waxing.  So instead of 3 months (industrial standard), they delay this to 5 or 6 months.  They wait til the car has no shine left, or until there is no water beading.  Just look at the car driving around town, a you will see many, many cars that don’t bead.  And, these are new, expensive cars we see so often.

Look at the car above, if that bird poo stays on this unprotected car for 24 hours, the “etch” will be serious!

The problem with wax and with polish is that both of them are TEMPORARY and because they are TEMPORARY, you have to polish and wax repeatedly.  Forget or delay is not good.

Car Coating by Sierraglow is more or less permanent.  We guarantee it (with only a few T&Cs) for 5 years. The cost of our exclusive SG5 car coating is 4 to 6 times CHEAPER than waxing and polishing.  Yeah, each time you wax, it is only several hundred ringgit, cheap right.  But, it adds up in two serious ways.

  1. Your time is valuable, and who wants to spend it polishing and waxing your car or waiting while someone else does it.
  2.  The money adds up and frankly the wax really just doesn’t do much to save your car paint and your investment.

shouting the newsWe will follow up soon on another reason why you should not wax.  But,  from the cost point of view, polishing and waxing is not cheaper AND it just doesn’t do the job your car paint requires.  Your car deserves the glow from Sierraglow.

Help us spread the news…S.hout our name, Sierraglow