Car Coating: 98.5 Purity Achieved. Wow!

100_4455-copy-1“Into the Weeds’ is an English expression meaning…have a real close and detailed look at something.  One goes into the weeds when you want to find out the details.  Let’s go into the weeds and learn about SG 98.5…the name of the world’s best car coating chemical made by Sierra Glow, our 6th generation car coating.
First, let’s understand the chemical composition of glass coating, Si02. Almost all car coating, ceramic coating, glass coating, quartz coating, whatever you call it IS the chemical formula, Si02.  For those familiar with some chemistry, Si stands for silica and it is surrounded with two molecules of Oxygen. Silica is the main ingredient of glass, so Si02 is geneally known as liquid glass. Our latest achievement is unsurpassed at 98.5% purity.  Sierra Glow not just beats the competitors, we annihilate.
Such purity levels are unheard of in the car coating market, and this achievement makes our car coating dry in minutes once applied.  That is why at Sierra Glow we don’t need infra red, thermal,  UV lights or 4 hours to achieve  drying and hardening.  Those who have less purity will have a longer drying time, lights, heat, fans to assist.
Quick hsio2ardness is important, as there is less danger of contaminants mixing and landing on the car coating and embedding in the car coat. Also, because drying is so fast (within minutes) using SG 98.5, our turn around time is faster. Because of the high purity percentage, hardness is superior. Finally, our purity level results in MORE Si02 being applied.
Deeper into the weeds …what is the other 1.5%?  Flourine is a gas that helps with water beading and hydrophobia and comes from flourite.  Flourite is 24th most common element and was discovered in 1529 and flourine amounts to a $15 billion is sales a year. It is not unusual and you will find it in your toothpaste and thousands of other products.
The third ingredient is a small, small, tiny, tiny drop of emulsion. This emulsion prevents our Si02 from becoming too sticky or tacky.  This emulsion is our manufacturing trade secret, but it is critical to achieving the 98.5% silica component of our car coating. If you smell our coating chemicals there is no solvent or petrochemical smell.  With most other car coating chemicals, because they fail to achieve the purity levels, they need a lot of petrochemical based solvents to keep it in a liquid state and to give body, weight, substance to the chemicals being applied. And obviously if they have a heavy petrochemical solvent smell, the formula cannot be very pure.
Our car coating, SG5, is simply superior.  In a recent test of 10 large international car coating chemicals, we were shocked at the heavy presence of petrochemical solvents.   Ready for the shock….almost all of the car coating tested contained only less than 10% Si02.  Got that…only 10%.  What you are putting on your car is 90% petrochemical solvents and other chemicals and only a small amount is actual  Si02, car coating.
mono-narigudo-nasalis-larvatusCustomers and car coating dealers should pay attention to one factor…the smell. I call it the smell test:  if you smell petrochemical solvent chemical in your car coating, in the
bottle or in  the air…your cascenttest_670r coating lacks purity and, therefore Si02. We notice that many car coating companies use not only heating lights but also large ventilation fans to clear the air of the petrochemical vapours.  Come to Sierra Glow, no heating lights, no ventilation fans, coating is dry in 10 minutes!  These are all evidence of our purity Si02 levels.
One final fact about our SG 98.5.  Many of our competitors will use 20 – 30 cc of their car coating chemicals.  But because the Si02 content is so low, only 1 to 3 grams of Si02 is applied to the surface of the typcial car. Because of our 98.5%, 8  – 10 grams of Si02 will be applied.  This results in better shine, better hydrophobia and much more protection of your clear coat. Because there is more Si02, it lasts longer.
I apologize for  going “into the weeds” but so many of our customers want to know what makes our car coating  superior…now you know.

Cosmetics and Car Detailing

4252-woman-wearing-make-up-facebook-coverThe relationship between car coating and the cosmetic industry is tight.  It is tight in two ways, the vocabulary used and the exaggerated claims of many heavyweights of both industries.  Both industries are trying to make your body or car body more beautiful.  We both use similar words like shine, gloss, wet look, smooth, porous, surface layer, impurities, imperfections…oh, the list is endless.

Both industries are attempting to take a body (face or car), and smooth out the imperfections (wrinkles, acne or paint swirls) and also treat the body with a layer of protection.  Many cosmetic products include oils to protect the face and to make it shine; while, car detailers often use wax, wraps or car coating.  Both industries using “buffing” techniques to product a glow or shine.  Both industries are very particular about shampoos and correct washing techniques.  Both are trying hard to clean the body surface (face or car) to lift off and get rid of the impurities.  Embedded dirt that sticks and adheres to the surface must be cleaned and lifted off…and tons of effort are used in preparing or cleaning prior to the protection coat.  Amazing right?

And although the biggest consumer of cosmetics are women (less than 50% men use just one cosmetic product), it is men who are the main drivers of the car detailing business. The good news for both industries is that more and more men are participating and experimenting with cosmetics (especially millennials) and at Sierra Glow we are enjoying the benefit of more and more women car owners buying our Blue Flame.  Perfect.

Another similarity is that the cosmetic and car detailing industries are filled with phony peopScreen-Shot-2015-08-28-at-5.19.12-PMle and bogus company claims.  While wrinkles can be reduced with creams, sorry, they aren’t going to disappear.  And no, no   9 H is going to stop a stone chip. Like most Malaysian men, I have to listen to that ad (almost every morning) about the bald spot and that I should be “very, very afraid.”  When this ad comes on, I just quickly turn the station and move on with my day, as if this was so good why is George Bush (a millionaire) losing his hair. Surely he knows about the protein!

Like all companies, Sierra Glow is aggressive is seeking customers and new clients.  We want your business, and we really want you to tell your friends about us.  But, what we won’t do is pump up our success to the untruthful or unrealistic level.  This isn’t right for the car detailing business nor the cosmetic industry.  We believe, no, we know, the customer is smart and will quickly learn the truth.  This is why we are the No1 car detailer/car coating leader in Malaysia, and this is why 90% of our customers are referrals.


The hair treatment is not going to restore all your hair, and the wrap is going to get water marks and fade.  If your car isn’t washed properly, your white car will turn gray (with or without car coating).  Come in and talk to us…we will tell you the truth.

If you like this approach, let us know.


Malaysia: Protect Car Investment

Yeah, you might have an accident and ruin the value of your car.  But, usually we don’t have accidents or have our car stolen.  What we have now, we probably will have 2, 3 or even 5 years from now.  Shouldn’t we protect our investment.  When a car doesn’t shine anymore, the value is gone.  Wax is only a temporary solution.  The best solution is car coating, and the best car coating company is Sierra Glow.  And, we are proven to be good. Our 5 year warranty stands up.  Watch.

Why Sierraglow?

SG singapore photo cars n logoA lot of car detailing companies will toot their horn as “the best of the best.”  At Sierraglow, we aren’t any different in our attempt to give multiple reasons why you should chose us.  We could say,  we were one of the first, we started our business in 2007, we have applied our car coating on over 10,000 cars, etc.   Our accomplishments since opening at long, detailed and impressive.  Take a look:

choose us                                                glassglow_tag

  1. We are the inventor and manufacturer of our products. (Hence, no middlemen, distributors or wholesalers)
  2. We are the only car coating business in Malaysia with Blue Flame.
  3. We were the first to offer the 5 year guarantee.
  4. We are famous for our after care service. (check the car forums).
  5. We really teach you how to take care of your car after treatment.
  6. We tell you the truth about our car coating (“nothing protects from stone chips”).
  7. We are constantly upgrading and improving car coating products.
  8. We use exclusively Japanese products. (polishers, polish, applicators, coating, clay bars, etc.)
  9. We take the time (and energy) to REALLY prepare your car paint surface before car coating.
  10. We are not side tracked with 10 different business, we specialize exclusively on car coat shine!.

Many car coating companies promise the moon.  They claim they have 8 layers or their coating is 9H or 12 H….Sorry, you won’t find Sierraglow doing this.  We promise you exceptional shine, a 5 year guarantee on that shine, and great after care service.  Check the forums, our reputations actually SAYS IT ALL!

Blue Flame Treatment

Sierraglow specialises in glass coating.  This is our focus, that is, to protect your car paint from the ravages of superhot tropics of Malaysian weather and harsh environment and to create the car paint conditions that it will shine.  No one does it better.  Now with our exclusively Blue Flame Treatment, we provide even greater protection and a fantastic wet look shine.

blue flame 4
Supercharged Silica flown out in Flame
blue flame kit 5
Blue Flame Calibrator throws supercharged silica.

Blue Flame is the latest car detailing technology from Japan. Our Blue Flame Calibrator throws out supercharged nano particles of primer silicia.  This heated silicia fills in the porous gaps and micro-crevices to make your paint so smooth that water sheeting is the result once the whole treatment process is over. Also, this supercharged and heated silica puts a thin layer on top of the clear coat so that our glass coating permanently binds and adheres to clear coat. This layer of silica also has the advantage of given the car shine the heavily desired “wet look.”  An finally, the Blue Flame Treatment enhances the “water sheeting” effect.

Yes, it is a flame on your delicate car paint, but don’t get the wrong idea.  The nano particles of the silica are being supercharged in the Blue Flame, but the blue flame is not going to burn your car.  If the flame stayed in the same place for 10 or 15 seconds…that is ONE SPOT, you would see a burn.  But, as our Sifu Specialists know to keep the flame head moving so a two to three inch wave of silica is gently laid down on top of the car paint.  Take a look of Blue Flame burning a hand….not an issue as the silica is only supercharged, not the hand (or paint).

Catch a look at short video on water sheeting.

We are located in USJ, Penang and Johor Bahru.  We also have services available in Singapore.  So, we are convenient for most Malaysians.

Our work on your car can’t be rushed, as each car needs to be properly prepared to receive our glass coating.  Many shops shortcut this vital step, but not Sierraglow.  On average your car will need about 4 – 5 hours at our shop.  Most of the time spent on your car will be in the preparation of the car paint surface, so that it can receive the glass coating. We have many methods and polishes to bring out the best in your car paint surface.  You may not know this, but this process of preparing the car paint surface is where Sierraglow excels.  We have 6 different polishing compounds in our arsenal.  We often use a mixture of these compounds to even bring out a richer shine.rain drops

We are a unique company as we are the inventor and the manufacturer of the compounds and the glass coating.  In fact, we are always improving our products so we can deliver the latest and best service to you.  Our inventor, Mr. Sato, is diligently testing and retesting products to improve shine.  Because we are the inventor and the manufacturer, we can provide you the best products at an incredibly low price as we have now wholesales or distributors.

We are especially proud of our BLue Flame Treatment program.  This is world class and offered exclusively by Sierraglow.  Take advantage of this treatment as it gives your car the best paint protection available anywhere with the terrific deep, wet shine.

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