One Layer is Enough for us

So many car coating companies tout the “multi-layer” strategy to effective car coating.  On the surface, this sounds like a good idea.  But, a deeper look into the multi-layer concept a host of problems stare back at you.  So many questions come to mind:

  1.  Why are so many layers required?  (Some have more than 7)
  2. Why so many hardness layers available?  Why not put on the best and forget the other hardness?
  3. Why charge so much for each layer?  To put on another layer is easy and shouldn’t be hundreds of ringgit or dollars?  Hardly any labor or materials required.

We have a pretty good idea why so many car coating companies offer and recommend multi-layers.  First, they can charge the unsuspecting customer more by offering extra layers.  And since they don’t have concentrated SiO2 (Silica), their coatings are weak and need extra layers to achieve a good result.  Sierra Glow spends extra money and time to offer our customers SiO2 that is almost 100% pure (98.5%).  While the heating technique to achieve this is expensive and time consuming, we can achieve the best shine and protection with our coating because of this one fact.

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Car Coating Layer Myth Debunked

If you are applying car coating on top of your clear coat, what are the benefits?  Maybe we should look atthis issue: are layers the best way to protect your car.  Will it stop a key or even your fingernails…actually, NO!  So, why do layers?



Classics are classics.  Hard to describe what they are, but when we see a “classic” we all know.  Beautiful cars need car coating to protect their shine.  Wax is not a possibility as it slowly eats away at the polish and wax, leaving the car paint dull.  Sierra Glow knows how to restore a car’s finish, and with our SG6, we can preserve this shine for years and years to come.  Fantastic!

Car Coating Wins (in battle against Car Wax

ford-assembly-lineSince the car came off Henry Ford’s assembly line, car wax was the solution to keeping the paint in good shape.  Given this long history with polishing and waxing cars, it is no wonder that the vast majority of today’s drivers choose car wax.  They simply don’t know about car coating as a better alternatives to the old fashioned car wax.  But, car wax is really not just a old technology, it is a poor choice in protecting your car. This post describes the disadvantages of using waxes and polishes to protect your car.

First, let’s understand the difference between a wax and a polish.  Polishes are “gritty” and actually buff up the car’s paint or clear coat to take off the oxidation or dullness of the gloss.  With the gritty polish in the compounds, the shine comes back some.  However, this has to be done very carefully.  If too much force is applied or a rotary polisher used, too much clear coat or paint can be taken off, and this can cause swirls and actually create less shine, not more.  So, if you are using polish or have your car “polished” some degree of car is important.

Wax is different than polish.  Car wax is a non-abrasive coating usually containing Carnauba and other waxes. It is applied after washing your car and dries to a thin, milky-white layer when applied properly and is then wiped or buffed off.  The glaze creates a thin, harden layer of reflective shine on top of the car.  The wax has some hydrophobic effect and offers some protection from the elements: sun, bird poo and tree sap.  Wax looks good on top of your car paint.

So, what is the problem.  Wax and polish are temporary.  They will not last on top of your car.  Within weeks, the wax has worn off.  If it has rained a lot (very common in Malaysia), the expensive wax just washes off the car leaving the car paint exposed. Literally within a month your expensive RM 400 wax can be gone.  And, if you use a cheaper wax, your RM 200 car paint protection wax is gone.  Either way, it is money down the drain.

We wax our cars because we don’t know there is an alternative to wax.  More on this later…

bird shit on the bonnet of a car
bird shit on the bonnet of a car

Even the wax companies recommend that you wax your car ever 3 months.  This means you need to take your car in for “the wax” at least 4 times a year.  If each wax costs RM 200, you will be spending RM 800 a year on a temporary solution.  Within 5 years, your bill in maintaining your car shine is RM 4,000.00.  But, this doesn’t include the cost and the requirement to polish your car.  Polishing should be at least yearly or twice a year.  Polishing can easily add RM 400 a year to your cost, so now, the basic requirement for good car paint protection becomes RM 6,000 over 5 years.  This is getting expensiveBecause of this cost, many Malaysians decide to stretch out the intervals between waxing.  So instead of 3 months (industrial standard), they delay this to 5 or 6 months.  They wait til the car has no shine left, or until there is no water beading.  Just look at the car driving around town, a you will see many, many cars that don’t bead.  And, these are new, expensive cars we see so often.

Look at the car above, if that bird poo stays on this unprotected car for 24 hours, the “etch” will be serious!

The problem with wax and with polish is that both of them are TEMPORARY and because they are TEMPORARY, you have to polish and wax repeatedly.  Forget or delay is not good.

Car Coating by Sierraglow is more or less permanent.  We guarantee it (with only a few T&Cs) for 5 years. The cost of our exclusive SG5 car coating is 4 to 6 times CHEAPER than waxing and polishing.  Yeah, each time you wax, it is only several hundred ringgit, cheap right.  But, it adds up in two serious ways.

  1. Your time is valuable, and who wants to spend it polishing and waxing your car or waiting while someone else does it.
  2.  The money adds up and frankly the wax really just doesn’t do much to save your car paint and your investment.

shouting the newsWe will follow up soon on another reason why you should not wax.  But,  from the cost point of view, polishing and waxing is not cheaper AND it just doesn’t do the job your car paint requires.  Your car deserves the glow from Sierraglow.

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