Car Coating: Not “if” but “when”??

It is only a matter of “when” you will have your car coated.  Why? The evidence is in, wax is lousy and does more damage than provides protection.  Wrapping your car is an option, but expensive and the vinyl can fade and scratch easily.  The best solution, agreed to by almost all car detailers, car enthusiasts and car professionals….is car coating.  Car coating is relatively inexpensive and can really protect your paint…for years!vintage-cars


Don’t buy a car and then wait for 60 years before you apply car coating.  Buy a car and bring it in immediately.  The soon the better.






Wait, and this could be the result.  It is best not to wait.  Showing you love your car starts with applying car coating.  Once the paint goes, an old wreck is not far behind.


Let’s review.  Car Coating means that you don’t have to wax or polish your car.  Wax and polishing cut into your paint’s delicate clear coat, and over time, you will have damage to your clear coat.  Take a look at older Malaysian cars…you will see swirls, dull finishes and the worse, oxidize paint.  This is the results of those choosing the wax option.  Good for awhile, but the shine goes and the damage is left behind.  Don’t wax.

Car coating is a better strategy.  Now a thin layer of protection is added on top of the clear coat and car paint.  This protects the delicate clear coat and therefore the paint.  Fading from strong UV rays isn’t now a problem.  Since you are protecting the clear coat, you now don’t need to polish and wax…you don’t damage the clear coat with polishing and waxing your car every few months.  In fact, now you save money as you only need to wash.  That’s right, no waxing.  Keep your money in you pocket or purse.

So, the question isn’t if should car coat, but when to do it?  The answer to this question is relatively simple.  Do it as soon as possible.  Every day that your car paint is “exposed” to the elements is another day of damage.  Every time to polish and wax your car, a little damage is done.  Waiting a year after buying your car to do your car coating is a year of damage to your paint.  Obviously, don’t wait.

Many car coating companies claim to restore your car to “show room” condition.  At Sierra Glow, we simply aren’t impressed with “show room” condition.  We can do better than that.  When we see a new car straight from the showroom, we see a lot of imperfections and issues.  Swirls and fine micro scratches are abundant…as the car has been hurriedly washed and buffed with an inferior buffer…leaving “show room” condition with problems. At Sierra Glow, we want to always achieve “better than show room” condition.

Better than show room is one reason (and there are many more) you should select us.






Proof, Blue Flame is the Best

At Sierra Glow we love to tinker.  Putting together experiments that show customers why they should use Blue Flame is one of our greatest joys.  Although most customers just take a look at the finished product (a friend’s car), and they are sold on the rewards for choosing Blue Flame.  But, playing with videos is fun for us.

This is an experiment put together by our mischievous team in Johor Bahru.  You will be more than amazed.  It is a short video, enjoy.

This short video explains why we are now coating so many wrapped cars.  Because if you simply apply car coating on top of the wrap, it will not bind with the wrap.  But after Blue Flame, even a wrapped car can hold the car coating….and this will allow water sheeting and reduce water marks.  Water marks are a big problem for all cars but especially wrapped cars…With Blue Flame, water easily runs off …., but the water won’t roll off until the car is properly coated.

Awesomeness at Sierra Glow.

We call it “mirror sharp reflection.”

Although both of these car are clearly “mirror sharp reflection” this is truly the real thing.  Our use of the term “mirror sharp reflection” is an accurate description of the effect that Sierra Glow creates with our car coating technique.  We buff the car paint with special compounds and our unique gear action orbital polishers….until we succeed in reaching our standard (“mirror sharp reflection”).

To achieve the Sierra Glow standards, more than equipment and polishing/buffing compounds are important.  Although you must have great compounds and specific compounds for the job at hand, the tools of our trade has to be put into professional hands.  The job of restoring car paint is highly skilled, and the art of restoring takes years to develop and hone.  Sierra Glow has the most skilled car paint restoration professionals in Malaysia.mirror-light

When we look at our work, and more importantly, when our
customers look at their newly coated car, they see it as perfect.  The standard of “mirror sharp reflection” achieved is 10.  When a car is a 8 or a 9, it is not mirror sharp.

One of the main reasons we highlight our work on our facebook pages is we want our customers to see their cars with the standard “mirror sharp reflection.”

Is it as good as a real, highly polished mirror.  The best answer to this is not Yes or No, but our mirror sharp reflection is different than a real mirror.  The colour of the paint on your car is usually not silver (as in the above cars), but rather black, red, white, green, blue or whatever.  These colours obviously don’t reflect like silver does in a mirror, but our mirror sharp reflection really is sharp.





Another Sierra Glow First

An amazing company with amazing results, that is Sierra Glow.  When we started we were the first to introduce inorganic car coating.  That was a first.  We were the first to offer a 5 year warranty …this was a first.  We continually improved our services.  We were the first to use gear action orbital polishers, and we were the first to use 6 different polishing compounds depending on the problem presented.  These were all firsts.  We were the first to offer Blue Flame…and Blue Flame is now going to make another new first for Sierra Glow.

We have just finished using our Blue Flame technology on a chrome silver mirror wrapped Nissan GTR.  Yes, you heard me right, we flamed a wrapped car.  And, the results?  Check it out.

Grime: Cosmetics & Cars

This is a second article regarding the cosmetic industry and the car detailing business.  Both are trying to take care of a surface…face or car body.  Both suffer from our environment and especially pollutants and contaminants. Skin like a car body attract these contaminants…I like to call it GRIME., but there are other words….

filth, muck, soot, crud, film, gook, gunk, smudge, smut, soil and tarnish to name a few.  To see the grime (or whatever you want to call it, look at this Air France airplane

maxresdefault (1)

The plane is no longer white…but a dirty white.  You can see tons of cars on Malaysian roads (especially if they are white) that look just like this.  Yuk.  And, a good wash doesn’t clean them up.


images (46)


This GRIME is everywhere in the air, and cars, trucks and buses are one of the main causes of this grime that floats innocently until the microscopic particles land on your skin, your car on lodge in your lungs.

sooty-diesel-fumesThe problem isn’t one car with a bad engine ring that causes the oil to mix in with the gas in the piston chamber, but rather cars. Lots of cars that choke the highways every morning and evening rush.

I use to drive around on a motorcycle and I wore goggles.  Within an hour of driving around the difference of my face and my eyes was night and day…black was my face.

Have a problem getting the amount of grime and contaminants floating around in our air.  Check out your car air filter or your air conditioning filters.  These need to be checked and cleaned regularly…or your engine will run rough or your AC will not be cold enough.  Take a look at these filters…grime


Grime on a car starts slowly, and you hardly notice.  But if youcar-grime-remover clean it off, then you can really see it.  Take a look at this Land Rover…

Most cars aren’t this serious, but contaminants stick to each other and slowly seep into the paint and stick to each other. They build up.  Why do these contaminants and grime stick to your car and your body?  The answers aren’t as complex as you might image…

The above circles are photos of a car side door that was brought to Sierra Glow recently.  If you look, you can see the black marks (scars) created by the grime that has attached itself to the paint.  Instead of white, the car is gray.  We can clean it up, but it is amazing that within two years, a white car becomes gray with abundant black marks.  How does this happen so fast.

Perhaps it is better to ask, why does it happen so slowly.  Yeah, really, this is the effect of two years.  One thing that brings this on faster and more seriously is poor washing.  Just like your face, don’t give your face a deep scrub…don’t get into the skin and work off the dead skin and pull out the contaminants, your face will pay a price.  Likewise, sloppy washing of your car really brings on the grime fast.  Suppose you leave residue of the shampoo on your car…it isn’t wipe off.  Just image how fast the grime will stick to a car with soap/shampoo residue.

Watch the two videos below of the ladies trying to deep wash their face.  The results of a clean face is clean and vibrant skin.  Likewise, wash your car carefully and thoroughly to prevent the grime buildup.


Clear Coating Needs Protection


You wouldn’t go out in the rain without an umbrella unless you expect some damage and perhaps a cold.  Many Asian ladies won’t even go out in the sun with out an u
mbrella.  We need it for protection.  Your car paint needs protection too!  Car manufacturers protect the delicate, soft paint from damage with a clear coat.

But, what is clear coat?  Clear coat  is paint or resin with no pigments and hence imparts no color to the car. It’s simply a layer of clear resin that is applied over colored resin. Almost 95 percent of all vehicles manufactured today have a clear coat finish. image 4

Pros of Clear Coat Car Paint

Clear car paint not only makes your car look shiny and more glamorous, it makes the car paint look wetter and deeper. However, there are other functional advantages that are of greater importance.

  1. A major advantage is that this coat provides protection from the sun and ultraviolet rays that cause the car paint to fade.images1
  2. Your car paint appears new for a longer period of time.
  3.  Shallow surface defects and spotting caused by acid rain can be buffed out without damaging the paint, if the car is protected with a layer of clear coat.
  4. Most manufacturers now use water base color coats and these require a clear coat for protection. Manufacturers separate the top coat into a color coat and a clear coat and by doing so they reduce the use of solvents that are pollutants by nature.

Clear Coat brings shine, but danger as well!

While it is true that clear coat finishes are harder and more resistant to oxidation. However they are more sensitive to scratches and you should be careful not to use abrasive rubbing or polishing compounds on them.

Oxidation and scratches

These finishes are also prone to oxidation. Without clear coat, your car would suffer from severe oxidation in a year or two.  This is delayed with the clear coat since  the clear coat has no color, it can’t fade or lose brightness, but depending on the 1-pc-lot-de-vinilo-transparente-Runway-PVC-impermeable-estilo-Womens-Girls-claro-moda-capa-deenvironment to which the car is exposed, the clear coat can become dull. This fading occurs slowly and you might not perceive any change on a day-to-day basis. You can safeguard against this by parking the car in a garage away from the sun’s heat and ultraviolet radiation.

Acid Rain

Surface contaminants such as acid rain, rain dust, airborne pollutants, bird droppings, bug splatter and industrial fallout can cause clear coat finishes to look faded. This is because as these contaminants accumulate on the surface of the car, the reflective quality of the finish gets reduced. Which in turn causes the gloss to diminish and the paint to look dull. images (3)

So, to summarize.  Clear coat is a clear resin that allows the color paint to shine through, to dazzle.  Without it, your car paint would not last long.  Clear coat also protects your car paint from swirls, water marks and acid rain.  But, your clear coat can EASiLY become damaged.  It is soft, so scratches, swirls and water marks and even dullness can result from our environment, cleaning, sun and elements.  Clear coat is not immune from damage, and it can easily become sick.

We need to protect our clear coat.

We could put on some film (big mistake) or use wax (another mistake) to try to protect it.  Or we could use the very best option on the market today, Blue Flame by Sierra Glow. Our coating protects your delicate and important clear coat layer.  You really don’t want to damage the clear coat…and just washing it wrong will easily scratch it.  So, let’s protect it. Sierra Glow protects it…we warranty it.

Check out our results, if you have any doubts about our work and warranty

Malaysia: We got your back

Car Coating is Sierra Glow

Affordable Car Coating

Find Your Car and Watch

Malaysia: We got your back


Malaysia: We got your back

Ok, we get it.  You have a great car.  You have entrusted your great car to Sierra Glow to bring out a razor sharp, mirror finish and a car coating that we warranty for 5 full years.  You could have chosen XX  car coating company. Heck, you could still be waxing/polishing your car.  You could have decided to do nothing except wash it.  You could have chosen a paint sealant company or even Paint Protection Film.  We understand you had options, but you chose Sierra Glow. Thank you for making the best decision.

Maybe you chose us because we were really the first in the market to offer “inorganic” car coating services in Malaysia.  Maybe you liked our story…starting in USJ in 2007 before anyone knew much about car coating and growing to Malaysia’s No. 1 car coating company. Because we are actually the manufacturer of our Japanese products (car coating, Blue Flame and all the great polishing compounds), we offer our products and services at unbelievable prices as we have no franchise fees, dealership incentives, representatives, importers or wholesalers or any other levels to push up our prices.  No one can offer the quality of products and services at our prices, NOBODY!  We are the only Malaysian company with Blue Flame Treatment Program.

As I have written in other posting (read this), our prices are actually less than waxing and polishing your car…and you prevent the oxidation, swirls and scars that are the direct results of polishing and using wax, year after year.

Whatever your reason for choosing Sierra Glow, we want to thank you.  Sierraimages Glow not only recognizes that you have choices, but also we want you to know that we must  make sure that our service is better than all others.

We know that you want your car look great, and even though there can develop issues along the way, just bring it back in.  We love to see our work, and we really love to take car of your car paint issues.  So many people get a little ding and bring their car back to us…surprise when we touch it up without charge.  We don’t really like to let people know that we do this for free because we just love the look on their face.  They are simply not used to this level of service.  But, actually at Sierra Glow, we are famous for it.  Ask around.

We take care of your car as if it is our car.

We want you to enjoy the look and the shine, and we stand by our commitment to protect your car paint from the elements for 5 whole years.  If you are not happy, please bring in your car so we can assess it and help it.  We like to tell people if you are unhappy with us, tell us.  If you are happy with Sierra Glow, tell others.

You know we really don’t advertise our products and services.  You won’t hear our name on the radio or read it in glossy magazine advertisements.  We don’t want to pass that costs on to you.  What we do want to pass on to you is great products and services that you can trust.  Bring your car in to our JB, Penang or USB branch…and let us do our work.  We take great pride in making your car shine….and shine….and shine.

Car Coating: How we became “the best”

Many car coating companies just can’t understand why Sierra Glow is so damn popular.  Maybe they fail to understand the customer and their “baby.” While they tout their coating hardness, market their 15 layers or bang on their finish with lighters and keys while using chemical/science words like nano, titanium, diamond, granite, ceramic and MOHS hardness scale, Sierra Glow never oversells or over promise, we just deliver.

We will not tell you that our coating will stop a speeding bullet or stand up to a juvenile with a key.  We don’t tell you this because it simply isn’t true.  We don’t tell you that the coating will protect even against the dreaded watermark, because again, it will not.  No coating on the planet will.  Whether it is a key or a stone flying off the back of a lorry, you car coat from xxxx company (fill in the blank) WILL NOT escape damage.  It is simple physics, a stone traveling at x speed hits a car travel in the opposite direction at 100 kph will not be a tap but a knock out. At Sierra Glow, no false promises, no bombastic and unimaginable craziness. Only the facts and the truth.

So, how do we continue to be number 1 car coating company in Malaysia?  The answer to our success is of course a superior product, but our superior car coating has to be matched with fantastic and intensive labour in PREPARING your car for the coating.  This is where you need professionals who not only know what they are doing, but also the company must have the right values.  The right values include taking the time to really prepare the car to receive the car coating.  If you shortchange this, the 10 critical steps to prepare your car, the car coat just can’t really do the job it was designed to do.  Makes sense.

This video explains our 10 steps to a mirror sharp finish.

Car Coating: Your Diamond in the Rough

Many car owners downloaddon’t seem to understand car coating and protecting your car paint.  They often look at their new car and think, “wow, looks great.”  But really your new car is a “diamond in the rough.”  The potential has to be unleashed.

Lurking around the corner and unknown (and unseen) to most new car owners is the fact is that your car does shine, but it isn’t a “sharp, mirror finish.”  At Sierra Glow we take your new or old car and unleash the potential.  Every car has the potential “to be all it can be.”  But, the potential is best released with Sierra Glow.

IMG_8558We could cover our car in mirrors to achieve the “sharp, mirror finish.”  But, like Mercedes picture here, a little expensive.

Actually there are vast differences in car paint.  Some car manufacturers use a softer paint while other use harder paint.  Some use more, thicker or better quality clear coat than others. Even though there are big differences from the car manufacturers, only the hand made cars would you find the car paint actually “DETAILED.”  Car detailing, buffing and polishing the new paint just doesn’t happen in the cars the normal person buys.  Yeah, if you got a million US dollars, you can buy a car with the “sharp, mirror finish.”

Want a million US dollar finish?  Call Sierra Glow.  This is what we do, unleashing the shine potential.  Take a look and this baby…

Car makers don’t have the time, money or inclination to sell cars with a “sharp, mirror finish.”  Car sellers can put a layer of wax and cover up some imperfections AND make the car have a reasonable shine.  But, they will not create a “sharp, mirror finish.”  So, the car you buy will have imperfections, some paint waves, a lot of porous holes, clear coat blemishes, uneven paint
thickness, rough edges and more.  These are serious blemishes and imperfections that need to be taken care of.

Blemishes lead to more serious problems down the road.  Take watermarks.  Watermarks are serious and  appear frequently.   Watermarks are more serious and more frequent if you have uneven paint or not smooth paint.  All new cars have uneven paint and not smooth paint.  Just take your fingers and rub them down your car.  A Sierra Glow buffed car will feel smooth and silky, while new cars actually feel rough.

The whole point is that to bring out the shine, the sharp mirror finish, you need to have your car paint DETAILED.  And, the best at this is Sierra Glow.  Bring out the potential of your car..Look.